Thursday, May 19, 2011

Response from a City Offical in Foerst Park, Georgia

What a surprise! (and I mean in a good way.) I got a response, from Karen-Brandee Williams, to my email regarding the new Breastfeeding Law in Forest Park. I have decided to share her response with you all. Below you will find the email she wrote me:

I share your concerns [this was very heart felt] as well as other things that was presented in this ordinance, that is why I decided to Abstain from voting on this amendment. There are some laws that talks modestly about breast feeding rules, per se; nevertheless, Balance is essential! I often ask questions, not just for myself, but to hopefully empower the citizens in our city to also begin to make a stand for their rights to inquire, hold their elected officials accountable and to demand that their local government are open, transparent and fair. Eventhough it is not always easy to make the right decisions on everything, it is easy to listen and consider the opinions and facts from the citizens. I have often asked the council members to not be so quick to vote on every issue, but to take some time and get together and discuss future decision, but to no avail.
This is what I have always tried to stand up against, but in voting, I am only one vote and 3 is the majority to pass anything in this city that the city manager John Parker and others in his 'political' network, want to happen.
I am tired of the political attacks on people, businesses, etc and I feel that the war should focus on that area and not to bring others into it who will suffer or get isolated involuntarily! Too much tax payers dollars are being spent on lawsuits, because our government do not know how to communicate, rationalize, reason and mediate on issues, but they want to attack. This should not be! 
I know first hand of how our city government treat people with discrimination [being partially disable myself and having undergone so many attacks from them] and fight against those who are not in their "network." I will continue to make a stand for what is right, vote against or abstain on issues I feel is not all inclusive and I will continue trying to build open and transparency in our local government.  They want me out, but I will maintain my standards until my term is over!
I pray that the governing body will revised their decision on this amendment>
 Keep our city government in your prayers!
Your comments are very valuable...
Council Karen-Brandee Williams
Ward 2

So there you have it.... there is someone on the council  who is not for this new law. She might be the person to contact with your concerns.... as she might be more likely to convey our messages. If you would like to contact her, here is her email address:

Now I would like to address a comment that was written in regards to yesterday's Forest Park post. A woman decided to speak her mind. Now I am all for people speaking their mind, but I also feel you should be held accountable for such comments, but she decided to remain anonymous. Here is her comment:

All the complainers are not even from this city in Ga and they have no say so in the laws or town ordinances there. If the residents of that city are upset they should respond to this law or ordinance. I am not from GA and I am a woman and mother. I agree with this town, a 2 year old is not on demand feeding and doesn't have to be breast fed in public. I have no problem with breast feeding anywhere, but this law or ordinance sounds fine to me. Furthermore, if this father is so upset he could talk to his town or city where he lives to make sure his child no matter how old can always breast feed whenever he needs to, not in a city/town/state he doesn't even live in.
 I would like to address the first line. We are NOT complainers. We are supports and we will stand up when something is wrong, no matter where we live. We do not have to live in the same city or even the same state to stand up for what is right. Supporting what you believe in does not make you a complainer. When something you believe in (such as breastfeeding) is under "attack", it is only human nature to defend it. Does not matter if it effects you or strangers. Take for example victims of Hurricane Charley, Hurricane Katrina, the Tsunamis and all of the other natural disasters that have struck strangers and friends alike. How many people stood up to help out complete strangers? How many people sent money, items, and their time to people in need? No, I am not comparing a breastfeeding law to a Natural Disaster...... I am simply comparing the need to help a stranger. Where would all of those people be (who were affected) if no one choose to help them? (Being a victim of Hurricane Charley.... I saw this first hand as it destroyed my home town.) People need to feel that they are not alone.... that there are other people willing to help and give SUPPORT.

Now I would like to comment about a two year old not feeding on demand. You are correct about that. But there are instances where you can not avoid this. For example.... what if the two year old (or older) is out with her family in the evening (let's say at a public event) and it is their time to nurse. Would you rather listen to the child cry? It is not fair for the family to have to leave the event just because their two year old needs to nurse and it is illegal. What if the child gets injured? In most cases the only way to calm a breastfed child is to nurse them. Would you let the child cry in pain, just because they are out in public and it is illegal to nurse there? Would you, as a parent let your child cry, knowing you could sooth them but won't due to fears of being arrested? I am sorry.... but my children come first. If I can comfort them, you better believe I will comfort them.

What we need to do is think about the children...... most people forget the little ones. They are so involved with themselves and what they don't want to see... that they forget the bigger picture. It is not like the mother will be nursing for hours. With a toddler or older, they only nurse for minutes and then they are done. The person who makes a big deal about a woman nursing in public is the one making the scene....not the nursing child and mother. We just sit peacefully somewhere...... how is that a big deal?


  1. I totally agree with you. I do not live in Forest Park, but I do live in GA. And what concerns me about this type of law is that when someone does buck it, gets arrested, goes to court, and quotes the state code that this law contradicts, that at that time, our GA law will be re-evaluated. Who is to say they won't try and then define a "baby" in our current GA law as strictly a child under 2. That really bothers me. Not to mention, I do not believe that it is our government's place to step in when it comes to feeding our children. What next?

  2. AMEN. Also, I've noticed on several online forums that people are in fact equating Forest Park with all of Atlanta and all of Georgia. I've even seen people use this as an example of what's wrong with America in general! We do need to stand up for what is right, even if we are not constituents of this municipality.

  3. This law does not restrict breastfeeding a child over two. It wasn't even enacted to restrict breastfeeding at all. There's an EXEMPTION from the "nudity" law in order to feed a child under two! That means you can bare all without any consequence when breastfeeding a child under two.

    I am a breastfeeding mom, and I personally don't want to show my goods to world while I feed my baby anyway.

    You can feed a child of any age in public as long as you don't show your completely bare breast. This doesn't seem unreasonable to me. The exclusion was put into the law to protect breastfeeding moms...

    - Luke's Mom


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