Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time.com has picked up Earth Mama's fight

First off... let me say how AWESOME it is that TIME.com has joined in our our fight. (I really do not like the word "fight"... maybe I will say awareness.) This is such a huge moment for breastfeeding support. Not only has TIME.com taken the time to write an article about "Facebook and Breast-Feeders Face Off Again Over Nursing Photos," but they have also given this topic some much needed POSITIVE awareness! 

I want to give a huge nummie making hug to the people over at TIME.com! For so many reasons! 

I love the photo they used! OMG How wonderful is that photo?! The image of a Nummie making Mummie nursing her nummie lover over looking the water? OHHHH just perfect!

The article was packed full of wonderful quotes as well. Personally my fav one is:
"P.S. Mama's NOT happy. She doesn't consider herself a militant. Or a lactivist. But now she's mad. Brace yourself.”
Gets right to the point and it is pretty funny!

They also quoted Peggy O'Mara, editor of Mothering magazine,

"Breast-feeding is not just a lifestyle choice; it is an issue of life and death: 4,000 babies a day die worldwide from lack of breast-feeding. If we are to become a breast-feeding culture in the U.S., we must see breast-feeding, and we must see it as normal. We need the support of social institutions like Facebook in order for breast-feeding to flourish in the U.S. Until they step up, we must continue to challenge them."

Author of this article, Bonnie Rochman also writes:

"It's curious that Facebook pulls breast-feeding photos when several states even have laws explicitly supporting the rights of women to feed their babies in public. You may not be able to post a particular photo on Facebook, yet if your baby should tug up your shirt in the middle of a bustling shopping mall, dozens of unsuspecting people who had not chosen to seek out images of breast-feeding — as people who visit the pages of various Facebook breast-feeding groups ostensibly have — would be confronted with a real live breast"

I urge you all to read this article and comment on it as well. Facebook may not bend to all of us Mummies.... but the more we get this topic some awareness the more likely other media outlets will pick it up. If history is accurate..... that is the only way Facebook will change their decisions. Share this TIME.com article with EVERYONE you know, post it EVERYWHERE you can, make posters and flyers and hang them up, make postcards and mail them! (okay the last two might be a bit of a stretch........) but just get the word out. We are not out yet Mummies....... We are still fighting for this "AWARENESS."

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  1. Sounds like a good article! I will have to check it out. What a grand day for breast feeding moms. Time...that's HUGE!

    Vanessa @Cooper Avenue


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