Monday, May 9, 2011

Weird breastfeeding products

Would you buy these? I decided to do a search on breastfeeding items...... then I came across one item that made my search take a bit of a turn. Odd, weird, crazy, is that for real? nursing items for sale. Would you.... could you buy one of them? All of them? Ready to take a crazy ride? Remember... these are real items.....

1. Nurse me tender

2. Belly Fish nursing and cover pillow
Okay I can see how this could be a nice idea........ but ummmmm I don't know.

3.Foley Cup Feeder.....

So what say you, mummies? Yes, no? Weird, not weird?

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  1. I think those are pretty darn weird! Although, I guess I get the double more than anything else.. but that seems like a lot going on!!


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