Thursday, June 30, 2011

Breastmilk is the new soda

Haven't you heard? Oh well a story came out yesterday (Thank you to one of our Mummies for sharing it) that A "LACTATION EXPERT" and former Midwife went ON UK's GMTV and made this comment (Oh I will quote her I promise you that!)
"Breast milk beyond the age of 2 isn't necessarily good because it's very, very sweet, and giving sweet things to a child as a comfort every time she falls over ... the fact that it's breast milk doesn't make it any better than a glass of Coca-Cola."

O....M....G...... WHAT??!! Think that over for a second...... breastmilk is like Coca-Cola..... Coca-Cola is like breastmilk Yeah either sentence is STUPID! How can you, as a "lactation expert" and mid wife compare breastmilk to soda?! Okay...... breastmilk is sweet (don't act like you have not tried it!) I will give her that much. ERRRRRR but it is not the same kind of sweet as SODA! I mean really! But wait..... it does get better!

"I think breastfeeding beyond the age of 2 is a private decision, I don't see why mothers need support."
Ummmm isn't breastfeeding at ANY age a decision? I am sorry...... you don't see why these mummies need support? Because I do.... I see these mummies needing support so they stay away from people like you!

Oh and just for the fun of it... One more comment from this "oh so great, supportive woman":
"If your toddler decided that she wanted to spend all day eating sweets, watching television, and going to bed at midnight, would you say, 'Well that's your choice'? No!"
                                                         (**Eye roll.**)

So who is this lady? Well I went on a research Field day with this one! Here is what I found out.
Clare Byam-Cook is, married (for at least twenty-five years) and has two children, both is their 20's. She is a qualified nurse and midwife, but retired from practicing as midwife in 1985. In 1988 she began teaching private ante-natal classes in London, and for the last fifteen years (or so) she has specialized in helping mothers resolve feeding problems. (Look out to those who go to her classes! May the breastfeeding angels protect you!)
Clare is firmly committed to helping mothers breastfeed but she does not have rose-coloured glasses! (Yeah as long as you are not breastfeeding a two year old!)
Her advice differs from many midwives and lactation consultants (You can say that again!) because she concentrates on giving advice that she knows will work, rather than following the latest trends and textbook theories. (Oh like how to NOT support breastfeeding mothers?!)
She is the author of  "What to Expect When You’re Breastfeeding…And What If You Can’t?" (A book I WILL NOT be buying or even checking out at my library!) and she has a DVD titled "Breastfeeding Without Tears."

Well my non supportive have made a lot of mummies breastfeed WITH tears! I understand that "famous" women have come to you for your "expert" advice.... but this "normal" mummie will be staying away from your "advice." It is because people like you and your comments mummies are either not breastfeeding or are not successful in breastfeeding. What you call "support" is just the opposite. With your outrageous comments you probably just made one (or more!) mummie change her mind about breastfeeding. The one mummie who was on the fence, having breastfeeding problems, or even afraid to nurse her toddler just stopped because of you. The mummie who believed you comment and said "well I don't want to give my baby soda!" just put her nummie maker away for good. CONGRATS Clare. Job well done! NOT!

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