Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You do matter!

How excited I am to come back after a "vacation" of sorts (vacation definition= packing and moving into a new home) and find an amazing, wonderful, powerful, happy, GREAT outcome from the City of Forest Park Georgia.

You may remember, last month the City of Forest Park decided to make public breastfeeding illegal if the nummie lover is 2 years of age or older.  Well as you can imagine the mummies (and their nummie makers) came out in full force! A Nurse In was organized with over 200 Mummies and their families showing their support. Not much was said about changing the law then... but Monday the City Council held a meeting, and once again Mummies came out and showed their support and outrage! Mummies from all over Georgia went to the City Hall Meeting and showed the City how wrong the new law was.  I am also very happy to say, all of this was done in a positive and educational manner.

Are you ready for this??? Monday night they CHANGED THE LAW!!!!!! It is now LEGAL to publicly breastfeed any child, no matter the age! That is right! The very same night the City changed the law! Perhaps the word "change" is incorrect.... they decided to go back to the original law. Seems as though Mr. Parker, City Manager, did not realize how much this would upset so many people..... That I do not believe, as he received MANY emails and phone calls, not to mention the Nurse In that was organized right outside his office! He knew....... but I think he came to realize he had no choice but to change it back.... with all of the media attention this was getting. But what ever the reason..............

We CAN make a change, we DO count, OUR VOICE DOES MATTER! 

This is a great outcome! Mummies in Forest Park will no longer be discriminated against. Nummie lovers, no matter how old, can nurse in public without having Mummie fear legal ramifications! Oh happy day! Nurse on Mummies in Forest Park! You all are wonderful and I want to thank you for all you have done!

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  1. WHOOT WHOOT!! Oh, and to all those of ya'll that said a few disgruntled mommas wouldn't make a difference?? IN YO FACE LOL>... ok not exactly but this does go to show that a few concerned folks CAN ABSOLUTELY make a difference!! :) :)


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