Monday, July 11, 2011

Breastfeeding Supporters Stand Up!

Ohhhh I love love to see some positive breastfeeding news! But I love seeing positive breastfeeding supporters even more! Have you mummies heard about Milk For Thought and The Milk Truck? Oh man... well if you have not... please let me be the one to introduce them to you!!! I just love these two!

Up for a year long cross country road trip? How about a BREASTFEEDING year long cross country road trip?! (AWESOME RIGHT?! I KNOW!!) That is just what Milk For Thought is all about. The idea is to head out and hit as many cities as they can and help promote breastfeeding. This includes educating the public about breastfeeding, raising awareness about the Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding, encouraging hospitals to become "baby friendly", improve national rates of breastfeeding.... just to name a few! Oh did i mention it is a GIANT PINK BUS????!!!!! (I love pink!) You can check out their tour dates to see if they are coming to a city near you (sadly they are not coming to the south this year... fingers crossed for next year!)

Have you ever been "sent away" or told to "cover up" while out and about? Did someone (business owner, manager or employee) tell you "You can't do that here." Oh man.... well the days of getting the media involved, creating a Facebook page, writing letters to everyone under the sun...... just got a bit more fun! All you have to do is notify The Milk Truck via their twitter page and the word gets out! Now when I say the word gets out.... I MEAN IT! The location of this "un-supporter" goes out on The Milk Truck's Facebook page, twitter page, and website. Then the Truck and local supporters all show up to offer a "safe" location to breastfeed! Now when I say a truck shows up... I don't mean just a Plain Jane truck... I am talking about a white truck with a giant nummie maker on top!!!!! (no kidding!!!!) Check out the the sketch from creator and artist, Jill Miller. I love her saying "Thought nursing mothers created a spectacle? Meet The Milk Truck." HEHE. Want to know how you can help this project become a reality? Check out The Milk Truck for more details!!

I am just so excited to see so many new and WONDERFUL ways people are finding to help support breastfeeding! A giant pink bus on tour and an on call giant nummie maker truck! GENIUS!!!!!


  1. I <3 the idea of the milk truck and SO wish it was going to be available for a nurse in in my area in the next few weeks :( I am thinking of getting some styrofoam, painting it pink and making it a boob shape and securing it to the top of my van!! :) :) ROFL :) Even if I have to take it down to actually drive I would LOVE to have it there when the van is in my driveway! Just to show them that my breastfeeding by the pool was SO not a big deal :)

  2. I don't know if I like the idea of the truck. Honestly, I'm more of a frank and honest person. I'd rather say to the manager of establishment "I have every right to feed my child when and where she needs it. If you feel I'm crossing a legal boundary, call the local authorities and lets see what they have to say about it." I don't want to have to wait for a truck to show up and then leave said establishment to sit outside and feed my child.

    I do like the idea of NIP advocates, I'm just not a fan of the spectacle just to create a spectacle. My personal opinion of course and I wouldn't think less of someone who did tweet the Milk Truck.


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