Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 20 months my little nummie lover!

What happened? Where has the time gone? Can it be true? My little Kit Kat is really TWENTY MONTHS today?! Yes...... sadly and happily. How is it only your children can make something be sad and happy at the same time? Why is it I feel the urge to cry my pitiful eyes out and jump for joy all at the same time?

Baby Kit Kat at 6 days old

My big Kit Kat

You see.... for me hitting this "milestone" age comes with a few "hidden" emotions. I did not make it this far with Pooker (not even close) as I had to stop nursing her when she was only 11 months old (hello Kit Kat you were growing in me and we almost lost you so mommy's doctor said "no more nursing".) So to make it TWENTY months... is well almost AMAZING to me! (That is the hidden "jump for joy" part.)

Then there are these "cry my pitiful eyes out" parts. MY BABY IS 20 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! My baby (maybe my last baby) is T..W..E..N..T..Y.. months old! How did THAT happen? I say "my last baby" because pregnancies are not easy on my body. If you remember we lost our first two babies, about lost kit Kat and we believe lost her twin in the first few weeks.(here come the tears.)

Oh...... yeah.... I guess I have to mention the other "cry my pitiful eyes out" part. Well you see...... now that my baby is 20 months..... that means I am only 3 days away from turning the BIG 30! Yes, Mummies and daddies.... that is right! I am now joining the 30 club (well in a few days that is!)

I am not afraid of getting old and I am not one to celebrate the 5th year of my 25th birthday (ohhh you know who you are! I am pointing at you.... **wink wink**.) But I really thought becoming old would be so graceful! You know the image of the cute old couple, sitting on their front porch swing, with beautiful long grey hair, (the woman not the man!) perfectly placed wrinkles, maybe a bit slower than they once were....but still GRACEFUL!

WOW what a shock! Does that even exist? I am not even 30 (well I'm not... not yet.) and I have a hard time getting off the floor, my bones snap, crackle AND pop, I have "mommy thumb" for crying out loud! (Which is still really painful. What's that all about?! It has been 8 weeks now! Sheesh!) 

But I am truly blessed. I have two healthy daughters, (once Pooker got past her Silent Reflux, her health really turned around!) a supportive husband, I am able to stay home with my girls and really watch them grow. Not to mention Kit Kat is still a Nummie Lover! Which no matter how many days/weeks/months go past.... I am still amazed by that.

All joking aside.... every day that goes by, every year that passes means I am here with my girls. Some people are afraid of getting old. But I look at it this way: you are still here, here to experience your children. Watch them grow up and see new things. So what if you are turning the BIG 30..... ehhhhhh it's just a number, right? (snap, crackle, pop!)



  1. Welcome to your 30's (almost)! I found my 30's to be my best decade so far. Bryce turns 22 months today. :-) And he really, really is my last baby, although I said that back in my 20's and went on to have another at 36 and then him the month before my 42nd birthday. You are very blessed, and yet the bittersweetness comes along with it. Hugs to you, my friend!!

  2. Happy almost birthday! My hubby wil be turning 30 on the 26th :-) Oh & BTW, lovely baby!!! ~Tuffany~

  3. Thank you ladies!!!!!!! Happy 22 months Bryce and happy 30's to your husband Tiffany!

  4. Aww, what a cutie. They grow up so fast, sometimes I wish I could just stop the clock (or go back!)

    Happy almost birthday. =)

  5. Happy almost birthday, but if you refer to turning 30 as "becoming old" again, I may have to unlike you. ;)

    Congrats to you and Kit Kat on 20 months!


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