Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You might be a breastfeeding mummie if....

You go "window shopping" for the most perfect breast pad. (Oh come on... they ARE NOT ALL created equally!)

You get all excited when you can wear "normal" bras and can still easily breastfeed!

You feel the need to nurse every baby you see, hear or even read about.

Have to "criss cross" your arms across your chest..... opps you forgot to use breast pads, you are leaking and  (whether baby wants to eat or not) it is TIME!

Someone gets a cold and you make a fresh smoothie. But instead of "cow" milk  you use MUMMIE MILK!

You get a dirty look from a "walker byer" while NIP'ing and you give the biggest (Alice in Wonderland) Cheshire Cat smile you can! (kill 'em with overwhelming kindness!)

Your breast pump begins to talk to you (mine said "wacko wacko wacko wacko".... perhaps I have issues.)

You begin to compare the colors of your breastmilk after being pumped. (is that orange, blue, green..."hey look Honey I can make the rainbow!")

Your 3 year old grabs grandma's "nummie makers" and asks if she has "nummies" like mommy! (Nice Pooker..... thank you for that "the things 3 year olds say" moment!)

Your Nummie Lover thinks ALL breasts are in working order.... and therefor are an open bar for THEM!

Your Nummie Lover begins saying "Me eat.. Me eat.....MEEEEE EAT!" and then proceeds to yank your shirt off.

You have the need to thank every breastfeeding mom you see.

Thank you Mummies!!!!!



  1. That breast pump one made me laugh out loud--I always hear words coming from my breast pump! Now feeling a little less crazy...

  2. My breast pump says "let go, let go".

    How do you breastfeed in a normal bra?

  3. If your kid sticks his hand down your clevage in public and says "num num num num?"

  4. Even your baby boys try to breastfeed baby dolls.

  5. Your husband tells you your boobs are still out and you fed an hour ago....

  6. Your wardrobe consists only of clothes that are NIP friendly.

  7. Thank you Mummies!!! Your add ons are FANTASTIC!!! To Care..... I use under wire free bras and all I do is pull the cup down and pop the Nummie Makers out from the top. Super easy and easy to find bras that fit!

  8.'ve felt bad for babies you see drinking formula!

  9. Love 'em! Thanks for the bra suggestion in there too~

  10. You have a "back up" mom to feed you baby....just in case

  11. I don't meet very many of those criteria....but I'm definately a breastfeeding mummie. I have had a falling out with my pump many moons ago...we don't talk. I haven't had issues with leaking past the first few months....and my litte man seems to have some BFing manners...not sure where he learned them...he thinks my boobs are sleeping in the bra and rarely tried to wake them, unless they are up and about already...he even rubs them and says shhhh!

  12. Your freezer does not have space for other food anymore because it is full of breastmilk or you have a separate freezer for breastmilk only.

  13. When you feel a tingle and say, "It's time to eat" your husband knows it's the baby's dinner time, not his.

  14. sometimes you see little white spots on things near your feeding area from milk spraying out.

    you've woken up with your blankets soaked with milk.

    people ask you what type of formula you use and then act surprised and weirded out when you tell them that you breast feed your baby.

  15. i wear stretchy camisoles underneath my tshirt even if i use a cover so that people don't see my stomach and everything when i breastfeed at places.
    just pull the camisole and bra down and your overshirt up and feed. put cover on first if you want when in public.

  16. ...your toddler gets so excited when he sees you getting out of the shower - claps his hands and says "nummies", so you have to kneel down right there and let him have a little suckle...

  17. You have an extra shirt in the car...just in case.

    You don't really wear bras, just nursing tanks.

    (as mentioned before) Every outfit you wear is NIP friendly.

    You get the "nummies" ready & accessible when putting baby in the carrier because you know she'll want to eat soon.

    You request tables instead of booths, because they are more nursing friendly.

  18. When you wake up in the morning with 1 or more breasts hanging out (or from a nap!)

  19. You can't take a bath with your toddler without it turning into a protracted nursing session.


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