Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do you suffer from "Mummie'd Out" Syndrome?

**This is a Public Service Announcement from Mummie**

Do you suffer from "Mummie'd out" Syndrome? Do you feel as if your ears will bleed if you hear the word "MUMMIE!!!!!!!!" screamed one more time? Does your heart skip a beat when you hear a crash... and you know the screech "MUMMIE!!!!!!" is next to come? Do you sometimes look (desperately searching for the nearest female) hoping it is not YOUR nummie lover screaming "MUMMIE!!!!!" Do you find yourself being "that mom" who has "that kid" in your local store? Do you wish you could change your name to something NO ONE can pronounce? Do you have visions of basking in the sun, on an empty beach with NO ONE in sight for miles, waves gently lapping the shore, sipping on a never ending glass of sweet tea (SPIKED).... SOMEWHERE..... ANYWHERE..... only to be SLAPPED back to reality with

If  you said yes to any of these.... you might be suffering from "Mummie'd Out" Syndrome. But do not worry! Like its "sister" disease, "Touched Out" Syndrome.... "Mummie'd Out" Syndrome is not rare and 100% manageable! Yes mummies... I too have battled this disease. ( I don't think I know one mummie who has not!)

I have always wanted to be a Mummie. From as far back as I can remember...... I have ALWAYS dreamed of having babies. Of course back then I dreamed of 5 or 6! Now-a-days that number has changed.... it is much smaller. But still I have always dreamed of being a mummie. When we lost our first two babies, due to miscarriages, I had fears that my childhood dream would never come true. The fear of losing a dream........ not being able to achieve the one thing I have always wanted...... well it was a crushing blow. Thoughts of never hearing the words "mummie" or feeling the touch of my baby..... still sends shivers down my spine. I am happy to say I was able to fulfil my dream!

BUT I still have my moments. I am not perfect.....if you think I am... well bless you! But I am not. Sometimes I get " the wiggle shakes" (my 3 year old daughter's, Pooker term) when I have heard "Mummie!!!!!" for the Googol (th) time. (Yes I used the word "Googol" hehe.) I have found ways to treat the flare ups and I am happy to say I am able to manage my "Mummie'd Out" Syndrome!

Here are my top 5 tip on how I have been able to manage (yes.... medicine free!!!)

1.  Remember that you are not just a Mummie, a wife or partner. You are YOU and you are awesome! Say to yourself "I am _________ (enter your  REAL name) and I am awesome!"

2. Try to find something else to do.... a hobby for example. This will help you get your mind off of the whole screaming thing. You know like finding a great hiding place (that is a great hobby!)

3. When you find yourself being "that parent with that child" in the store.... proudly and loudly announce "Yes I am that parent with the screaming kid! That would be me!!" while raising your hand in the air and jumping up and down. I promise it will get some laughs.

4. Teach your kids new words (more so tricky and long words) to say. Like Googol! New ways to say "MUMMIE" just might help treat your bouts of "Mummie'd Out" Syndrome. (Plus they might not be able to pronounce the new word..... which is always funny.)

5. Remember that these days will not last forever. That one day you will watch Disney's Aladdin and try to figure out where to find YOUR Genie of the Lamp. You will scour this earth for said lamp, rub it until your fingers fall off and wait for the voice of Robin Williams to say "What will your pleasure be?" Your only wish would be to have your children need you again. To call you Mummie again..... To be little again. (This last tip is the same for "Touched Out" Syndrome. Works for both! Pretty versatile huh?)
Hang in there Mummies! And remember.... You are not ALONE!!!

**This concludes the Public Service announcement from Mummie**

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  1. Making up a name backfired for my husband. When I introduced him to my daughter after a year of dating, she said his name no less than 75 times in 5 minutes. To be funny, he told her he just changed his name to Bu Hu K'bu. She was only 3 at the time so he thought it would trip her up. It stuck. Several years later, we told her it was ok to call him daddy (we were married by then). Up til then, she called him only by his "new name"


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