Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do you suffer from "Touched Out" Syndrome?

**This is a public service announcement from Mummie**

Do you suffer from "Touched Out" Syndrome? Do you have the feeling of not wanting one more touch during your day? A feeling that every inch of you had been touched already, that you could not possibly take one more touch (and it is only noon)? Do you feel you have lost all control over your body and that not one part of YOUR body is...... well........ YOURS? Does your little Nummie Lover feel the need to touch EVERY part she/he can get her/his hands on while she/he nurses? Can you not even stand up without having little hands pulling your legs, trying to climb up you? Do you wish you had a hands off zone or a mummie bubble you could crawl into? Have you considered ordering a restraining order on your nummie lovers?

If you said yes to any of these... you might have "Touched Out" Syndrome.

Lucky for you.... this is NOT a rare disease and it is manageable. (With some effort of course.. and perhaps some sense of humor as well.) You see....I too have battled this "disease".

I have always been the type who craved human touch. May it be a hug, hand holding, resting my hand on my husbands arm or leg..... I had always craved that touch. I never thought there would come a time where I would be "touched out." (To be honest I never even knew that was a term... oh the things I never knew.) But after having two beautiful miracle daughters.... I have moments I am "Touched out!" I have found ways to treat the flare ups and I am happy to say I am able to manage my "Touched Out" Syndrome!

Here are my top 5 tip on how I have been able to manage (yes.... medicine free!!!)

1. Try to get some "Mummie time." May it be 10, 20, 30 minutes or more. Go into a room, close the door, and enjoy "NOTHING."

2. Take a warm (or crazy hot in my case. You know the kind that makes your skin red!) bath. There is just something about floating in a tub. Play it up... add candles, music (Pandora is always nice), chocolate, sparkling water, fruit smoothy (or heck little glass of wine).... but if you go really hot remember a towel. You will need to dry your face!

3. Take extra long moments in the bathroom. ("Mommy what you doin?" "Mommy is going potty.")

4. Enjoy nappy time. One of the few moments where the house is shhhhhhhhhhh quiet.

5. Remember that these days will not last forever. That one day you will watch Disney's Aladdin and try to figure out where to find YOUR Genie of the Lamp. You will scour this earth for said lamp, rub it until your fingers fall off and wait for the voice of Robin Williams to say "What will your pleasure be?" Your only wish would be to have your children want to touch you again. To need you again..... To be little again. (Yeah that thought gets me every time too!)

Good luck Mummies......and remember: You are not alone!

**Coming soon....Public service announcement on "Mummie'd Out" Syndrome**



  1. Bwahaha. I love it. But in all seriousness, sometimes I just want to run away for an hour, perhaps to a quiet garden full of lush greenery and the heady scent of gardenias, day lilies & cherry blossoms. A place with no whining "I want..." or "But Mommy..." sentences or tapping fingers, arms hanging around my neck or hands tugging on my pant leg.

    And I'd only last an hour without them lol

  2. Awesome post. I definitely suffer from the occasional bought of "touched out" syndrome. Who would have thought those pudgy little hands squeezing and stroking my post-baby belly while nursing would by anything but cute?! Or that it wouldn't be totally endearing to have my little one trying to yank my shirt off in the grocery store to get at "his" precious nummies?! Thanks for spreading the word about this mommy-maddening syndrome! :)

  3. You forgot to mention having one breast kicked relentlessly while the other is latched onto furiously while baby works out a great big poop!

  4. I can relate to this. After having my 3rd child who bf, bed shared and napped on me (mostly due to me having a broken ankle when she was 3 months old) I was completely touched out. My skin would crawl. When I wasn't holding my baby no one could sit near me, touch me, hug me, hold my hand. My husband was very supportive and tried to understand what I was going but I know it was hard on him to. This went on for 25 months. The things that kept me going were; this will pass, this is my babies time to have me, and again this will pass. I had to take time for me or else I would've gone crazy ( I think I did go slightly wacky regardless though). I had to force myself to put my baby down while she cried and I cried because it was just too much. Maybe it was a little post-partum but it did pass. She is almost three now, in her own bed (by her choice), using the potty and telling me amazing stories. She still loves mommy snuggles and does fall asleep on me on occassion. I look back at my crazy first part of her life and I am grateful that I did what I did. Good luck mommies.


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