Monday, August 29, 2011

Is it Monday?

Why do Monday's seem to be hated by most people? I mean really... what has Monday ever done to you? Okay I get it... first day of the week, first day of the week....... THE WEEK??? Oh man! Where did the weekend go?!

Well short story for you.... I was at my Physical Therapy apt this morning (8:30 am... thank you) and come to find out I was the only one to show up! The three appointments before me (yes THREE before 8:30 am!!!! YIKES) had canceled and while I was there the one after me canceled! My poor therapist looked exhausted and I could not stop yawning! Both Pooker and Kit Kat are feeling the Monday yuckies too! What is it?!

So instead of having a post you would have to read..... because I am getting the feeling today is not a "reading" kind of day... I thought I would give you something you could read WITH pictures! Enjoy!!!
(Meals on Wheels!!!! HEHE!)

(I feel like this ALL the time!)

(Change out the red hair for blonde hair and you have my Pooker! I can so see her doing that!)

(I about spit out my sweet tea on this one! And spitting out some good home made sweet tea is a crime against all that is good!)

(Kit Kat actually tried to do this with her Daddy when she was little! But not for the same reasons as the comic above.)

Hope this helped make your Monday a little less...... yucky!
All strips are courtesy of Baby Blues



  1. I had no idea that Baby Blues was so pro-breastfeeding. That is really cool! Thank you for sharing these.

  2. I'm sure your cartoons are really funny, but I'm just too tired to read! lol


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