Monday, August 8, 2011

Big Latch On Fotos

Saturday, August 6 2011 was the Big Latch On!!!! I hosted one for my community and it was a GREAT turn out! We had 68 adults and children show up and 27 mummies latched on! AWESOME numbers! (Sadly..... I was not able to be counted.... Kit Kat refused to nurse! "Has she ever refused to nurse?" NO! She was too busy looking around and even told me "No mommy" and pushed me away!) But all in all...... it went so well! I am so proud of the mummies (AND DADDIES) who came! Here are some fotos for you to enjoy... and the link to more is below!!!

It was a great morning and a great opportunity to meet local breastfeeding mummies. The atmosphere was happy, relaxed, excited and some surprise! I was (as many others were) surprised how many local mummies came. Some even traveled two hours to take part in the event! We had awesome goody bags, slammed packed with donations from 18 AWESOME compaines! Local companies like Sweetamagoos, The Diaper Tree, BurPees & Bows Boutique, Mother Goose Designs and Suburban Tree Hugger. We had food from Publix and Heaven Scent Cakes A BIG thank you to the smaller and bigger companies who showed SO MUCH support for this event!

I am already planning for next year!!! So many ideas already! It is never to early to take part in next years event! If you are interested in being a sponsor or even would like to be a vendor..... let me know!
See more Fotos here!


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  1. What a great event. My little one was SUPER distracted too. He was obsessed with the 3 y.o. simultaneously singing and nursing next to him, but luckily he did latch for that minute!


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