Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You might be a breastfeeding Mummie if (part 2)

You might be a breastfeeding Mummie if........"normal" everyday words remind you of breastfeeding.

* Milk (harmless enough)
*Leak (oops!)
*Gold (priceless!)
*Spray (LOOK OUT!)
*Feed (yummy)
*Wean (boo hoo)
*Cow (obvious)
*Shield (As in nipple shield)
*Squirt (LOOK OUT times 2!)
*Snip ("S" is silent......)
*Lactaid (oh come on! You know you thought it too!)
*Suck it (hehe)
*Consult (as in Lactation consult)
*Udders (see "cow")
*Spilt milk (Okay.... two words.... but makes me want to cry and cringe!)
*Nurse (Doctor's office)
*Let down (disappointment. Thank you to Mummie Laura!)
*Milk Shake (giggle. Thank you Mummie Katy!)
*Diner (Thank you Mummie Tami!)

Have any to add? Feel free to comment below!



  1. This is so true! Many normal words remind me of breastfeeding. I swear I have that happen to me at least once a day hahah. I guess 2 and a half years of nursing will do that to you. =)

    Hey, I passed on a blogging award to you, go here if you want to accept!


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