Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Evenflo no longer breastfeeding friendly

 UPDATE: Evenflo has since made ALL of their "new" videos private! Seems they got the message!!!

What the heck is going on lately? Hurricanes, tornadoes, earth quakes, mass flooding, and now the Evenflo disaster??!! Yes Mummies it seems as though the world has gone NUTSO!

Let me break this down for you... Last week Evenflo (The company known for BREASTPUMPS!!!) came out with a tweet that said "Yay or nay - breastfeeding in public? If forced to feed on-the-go, where do you feel most comfortable feeding?"


They have stopped complying with The World Health Organization International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. As of July 1, 2011, Evenflo began a full-scale advertising campaign to market their baby bottles.... which puts them in the category of being Non-Compliant in the code..... which lumps them with (errrrrrrr) formula companies.


9 months ago they busted out with a bunch of new online "commercials" that seemed to completely change the whole feeling of what they "claim" to support. Here is one of the videos....... (WARNING THE FOLLOWING VIDEO MIGHT CAUSE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE!)

(videos have all been marked as "private" as of September 6, 2011 in the evening.)

Now some of you have watched the other videos, from Evenflo's website... but I have not. The above video about put me over the edge and I didn't want to be shoved over. So I stayed away (FAR away!!) But I will take your word for it.

So... my opinion of the video? Did I find it funny? Ummmmmm well one part I smirked at. The "2% milk" comment got me (a little) only because I joked that my milk looked like 2% milk at one time. But other than that......... NOT FUNNY. I wanted to reach into my computer screen, yank that poor Mummie out of her house, tell her that she is doing a fantastic job, and then go back and slap that Mother in Law silly! I mean really????!!!! What part of that video was funny?

Was it when the mother in law made the Mummie feel guilty about not "letting" other people feed the baby? Or when the Mother in Law hounded the Mummie about her friend having "12 kids" and said that other people feeding the babies was important? Or was it when the Mummie finally gave in, yelled at her husband for her purse and proceeded to pump in the bedroom.....before looking at the breastpump like it was her hero?! Or how about when the freshly pumped Mummie steps out with breastmilk in a bottle only to lose it to a ridiculously demanding Father in Law as he pours it into his coffee?

Nope.... not laughing here..... Did I miss something?

All this video tells me is how little this company knows about it's customers and breastfeeding in general. I suppose if you have not found yourself in a similar situation then you WOULD find this video funny.......... but to be honest if you have NOT found yourself in a similar situation then you probably have NOT breastfed.......SO would you even be buying from Evenflo?

YUPPPPP wrong move there Evenflo.... Hell have no wrath like a breastfeeding Mummie scorned!

Sound off..... what do you think?



  1. Well that was just annoying as hell. I never used evenflow because I'll admit that I'd addicted to Medela and I truly love Playtex drop-ins. I'm wasteful I guess. How dare anyone talk to a mom like that. Ugh.

  2. are you kidding me, if your pumping your boobs hurt at night and you would WANT to feed the baby just so they dont hurt anymore!!!!
    (not sure if I saw the same video, I saw the one about the mom not feeding the baby at 3am and the dad having to deal with the bottle)

  3. Like Kendra I'm in love with Medela.

    Since the video was taken down could you describe what was in the video?

    Katie I think you saw a different one. According to their twitter account they've taken it down due to the back lash.

    My guess is some guy came up with the idea and they never bothered asking a nursing mother's opinion before going ahead with it. Marketing people are just stupid that way. Especially with all the reports about how aggressive nursing mothers are you think they'd know better.

  4. Given the choice I would ALWAYS rather feed my baby than pump! Pumping is a pain! Especially in the middle of the night...oy!

    The video was about a new mom who's in-laws were visiting and the mother-in-law kept making remarks that everyone should get to feed the baby and the father-in-law seemed really freaked out by her nursing. The mom got tired of it, yelled for her husband to grab her purse, ran upstairs and pulled out a pump. Said it was her secret weapon. Pumped a bottlefull and took it downstairs with a "who wants to feed the baby?" all the while her father-in-law is looking for half and half, grabs the bottle and pours it into his coffee.


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