Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Look at me... look at me NOW!

I have found that nursing a toddler has a whole new set of rules! Kit Kat is 22 months old and has become one demanding little Nummie Lover! In the past, I have NEVER been able to talk while she was nursing. Oh man... she HATED that! There were times, she even hated it when I looked at her. Luckily the whole "don't look at me" phase was super short, the "don't talk and nurse me" phase is still kicking strong!

Two days ago, however, she started something new. IF by chance I am not looking at her (and she wants me to look at her) she will reach up, place my cheek in the palm of her hand, and turn my face to look at her. Then she will smile her "still latched on" smile. Ohhhhh man! I about melted! You better believe I kept my eyes locked onto hers the rest of the time!

Kit Kat's "still latched on" smile

 BUT.....this morning she changed the rules! Oh sure, she did the same sweet cheek into palm move......... BUT then she violently pushed my head away seconds after making me look at her! ONLY to make me look at her again..... then push me away again! Each time with such a sinister laugh!

Oh yes, Mummies.... my sweet teeny-tiny Kit Kat is evolving into a sinister little Nummie Lover!



  1. My girl does the same thing! (21 months) she thinks it's funny to guide my face. lol. And love her little snicker while she's nursing. :-)

  2. Aiden does this too!! :) Grabs my face and moves me wherever he wants me to be :) :) Also love the latched on smile and giggles :) They always warm my heart :) :)

  3. My daughter does this too and she is 16 months :))

  4. Glad to know I'm not the only person required to nurse in silence. At least my nummie lover is letting others talk to me now. Oh the joys of nursing :)

  5. aren't still-latched-on smiles the absolute best? :)


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