Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Milk and sugar

We all know that breastfeeding can attract some crazy comments.... some with positive intentions... others not so much. I have not (personally) heard any in a while..... until the other day. Now this person (who will remain anonymous) meant nothing bad ( at least I don't think so.) I think this person spoke out of "concern".

I know "concern? What do you mean, Mummie?" You see...... some people are more concerned (than we are) about what other people think when they hear or (GASP) see Mummies nursing in public (or not in public.) So these (sweet, caring) people will speak out.

So here is how it went:

Sweet, caring person: "So how many times is she nursing now?"
Me: "three to four times a day."
Sweet, caring person: "Oh wow. I didn't know she was still nursing that often."
Me: "Yeah, she is showing no intention of slowing down."
Sweet, caring person: "Well, have you tried her on milk?"
Me: "Yeah, she doesn't like it still. But she will drink a homemade smoothy like it's candy!"
Sweet, caring person: "Well, have you mixed sugar with the milk? Maybe she will drink that."
Me: "I don't really want to mix milk with sugar. We'll just wait until she is done nursing, and then try milk again. My goal is two years The World Health Organization and The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends two years and beyond. The way she is going she will prob be 3 years old before she decides she is done with me. But it is her choice."
Sweet, caring person: "The way she is going she might be 5 years old."
Me: *giggles* "Yeah who knows....she might be! And that is okay." *giggles again*

(Before anyone goes into GRRRRR mode)

This sweet, caring person (I am sure) meant no harm in what was said. I wanted to share this because it shows how many more steps behind breastmilk truly is, in the eyes of others. Really????!!!!!! Mix sugar in with cows milk?  I have nothing against cows milk.... I do not. Pooker drinks it. BUT there is PLENTY  of sugar in milk...... adding more to it seems kinds silly. I did try and offer Kit Kat strawberry milk a while back..... but then realized how stupid that was. Plus... once I realized I was offering it to her for OTHER people's benefit.... I stopped.

I really, truly feel this person spoke out to "protect" me from others. You know the whole "**GASP** What would others think???? What would others say??!!!!!! **Double GASP**"

My response..... who cares? She is getting milk.... MY MILK! :-)

Hugs Mummies!



  1. Mothers milk is perfectly wonderful darlin! And I don't see a reason to even give cows milk when she has yours.

  2. Btw, I just noticed I didn't have your button on my blog, so I snagged it. :) Have a good day.

  3. I'm so glad that you are such a calm and understanding person. It's hard to not get offended by comments about something that you really believe in, even when they are made with the best of intentions. Your confidence really helps me to see things in a better perspective! You Rock Mama!!


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