Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The soothing effects of breastfeeding

It is no secret that breastfeeding can calm an upset Nummie Lover.... but did you know it can also calm an upset Mummie?

If you remember, we were all in a car accident in late July. We were rear ended just as we came to a stop at a red light. (The collision was so bad it pushed us through the entire intersection, as the person who hit us "couldn't find the break pedal" in time.)

I was driving at the time, saw the car coming and could do nothing to avoid it. The stress of what happened to us was so intense. I found myself more concerned for my daughters and my husband over myself. All I remember is looking over at my husband making sure he was fine and then I was out of the car trying to get Pooker out. (I believe the back doors were locked but don't really remember unlocking them.) I was shaking as I was holding Pooker (my husband had Kit Kat in his arms) and I kept on saying "Shhhhh it's okay" as I tried to sooth her, as she was visibly upset and shaken.

At some point my husband and I "traded" babies and I was holding Kit Kat, still shaking myself. I remember looking at the clock in my car...... 1 pm. the first thing that popped in my head......."FEEDING TIME!" So without hesitation I sat in the driver's seat (while waiting for the police to arrive) and began feeding Kit Kat.

There I sat in the driver's seat, in a non drivable car (but still on so the air was running... thank goodness!) nursing my Nummie Lover..... just passed an intersection with cars on one side of me stopped at a red light and cars driving by me on the other side. And you KNOW everyone has to look at a car I am sure they got a good look at what was going on (as I was so not concerned with being modest at the time.)

But for that brief amount of time..... I did not care. I was so tensed up when I began feeding Kit Kat...... but found myself relax bit by bit as I nursed her. My breathing slowed, my heart rate slowed and I began to calm down. I remember thinking to Kit Kat "this must be what nursing does to you when you are upset." For those few precious moments all that mattered was her and I. The cars around us seemed to disappear, the nightmare that had just occurred seemed to be halted. All that I could see was Kit Kat looking up at me. All I could hear was the sound of her nursing. All I could feel was her playing with my hair.

Now all that ended when she was done nursing.... then reality came back. But I was so thankful for those few moments. That feeding will always be one I remember....... the feeding when Kit Kat helped me. When the Nummie Lover helped the Nummie Maker.



  1. This was beautiful and made me tear up.

  2. Brought tears to my eyes as well...


    I can so relate.. though I have never nursed after a car accident I do notice that when I am tense and want to smack someone (or choke them) when I nurse my baby boy I can feel myself calming down. It is AMAZING when it happens. I can literally FEEL my body relaxing, feel my heart slowing, feel my breath slowing.. isn't it amazing?? I may NEVER EVER EVER stop nursing lol :) Not only is it a CURE ALL for little guy but it is perfect for me too :)

  3. The bond is amazing, I just had my first child and love nursing her. It also has such a calming effect one me. It is a special time to shut out the world and be so close to your child.
    Beautiful .


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