Thursday, September 8, 2011

Starting Solid Food

There has been A TON of talk on our facebook page about starting solid foods; when to offer them and how often. Starting your nummie lover on solid foods is a huge milestone! It means your nummie lover is growing up and branching out to try new things. BUT there are so many different ways to handle the introduction to solids. I wrote a post a while back on introducing introducing solid foods and offered up what we did. But I thought it was worth posting about again.

There are a few reasons why MANY organizations (Like The World Health Organization) say to wait until 6 months of age before offering any food other than breastmilk. has a great article that I found very helpful.
Here are just a few reasons:
*Delaying solids gives baby greater protection from illness.
*Delaying solids gives baby's digestive system time to mature.
*Delaying solids decreases the risk of food allergies.
*Delaying solids helps to protect baby from iron-deficiency anemia.
*Delaying solids helps mom to maintain her milk supply.
We waited 7 months with Pooker and 6.5 months with Kit Kat, before embarking on the solid food journey. We took it once slow step at a time, introducing a new food every week or two. We used brown rice cereal only to thicken up the homemade baby food when it was too watery. (Both of my girls liked CHUNKY food.)
A popular mistake people make is thinking that baby cereal will "fatten" their nummie lover up. Honestly baby cereal contains no more health benefit than "normal" food. More and more doctors are even saying to stay away from "White" Baby Cereal. Dr. Greene has started "The White Out" Campaign, stating that offering your nummie lover "white" baby cereal is like offering them "a spoonful of sugar." So if your mother in law, mother, or grandmother advises you to give your Nummie Lover baby cereal alone..... you can tell her Mummie says you don't have to! hehe.
When you decide it is time for your Nummie Lover to begin the solid food journey, ALWAYS keep in mind that your breastmilk should always be the number one source of nutrition, for the first 12 months. Keeping that in mind..... it is a good idea to offer solid food FOLLOWING a nursing session. Why? Simple. If your Nummie Lover fills up on Mummie's Nummies then he/she will not be so apt to fill up on solid foods. BUT if you offer solid food BEFORE nursing..... your precious Nummie Lover might be too full to get his/her "fill" of the good stuff (your stuff.) Which could result in a drop in supply and perhaps drying up. (Nobody wants to see a Mummie go through premature drying up!)
I always offered solid food within an hour after nursing. (Which is probably why we all eat lunch at 11 am in my house! hehe)
Now when it comes to "how much to offer".... that is when your little Nummie Lover decides. Every baby is different and MANY factors determine how much each baby will eat. I used A TON! They have some great tips, information and recipes for your little one.

There is so much information out there, in this big wide world we live in. So it can be confusing. Just remember to do your research (with places you trust) and do what you feel is best for your Nummie Lover. After all..... you are already giving your baby the best!


  1. nice. There is so much information out there and it's hard to know what's right. We started "early" but it's more for practice, and the bulk of Bubus's calories are of course all breastmilk! And I love the Wholesome Baby Food site. If you're already cooking it's so easy to add in some extra foods for baby.

  2. Here's my 2 cents worth. My niece is a diabetic diagnosed at age 11! Her Endocrinologist said to NEVER EVER eat white rice! Well many people start off giving baby babyfood with "rice cereal" in it, but the cereal is made from white rice! He said that brown rice is the only way to go when eating rice. The white rice is too difficult for the pancreas to digest and the human body converts it to sugar! I don't want any child to ever have to experience diabetes as a child, so we've used the brown rice, and so far so good! Just a heads up here.

  3. My daughter and my 2nd son both wanted nothing to do with any type of food until close to 8 months. My son never liked "baby food" but loves finely ground oatmeal with breastmilk. It's his favorite thing in the world....well, next to me. My daughter still isn't a big eater at 28 months. Just never has been. I love giving babies chunks of avacado!! It's like the perfect texture for a first food...and bananaa!!


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