Monday, September 12, 2011

A stinky little secret

Okay, so we are all grown Mummies. Have seen babies coming out of us, milk coming from our Nummie Makers, premature loss of bladder control, been spewed on, pooped on, pee'd on and drooled on...... So nothing is really too "graphic" for us....... right? RIGHT!

So with that said let's talk about BO. That's right... body odor! Not the person next to you.... yours. Have you noticed since your nummie lover was born that you have a case of the "stinkies?" Maybe that you tend to run a little hotter than you did before. I'm not talking about smelling like spilled, spoiled breastmilk. I am talking about just run of the mile, raw BO. Do you find yourself diving into the shower two/three times a day? Applying your Deo three times or more each day? Stare at the soap isle like you have never seen soap before.... trying to find one that MIGHT keep you smelling clean?! Have you ever connected the two?

It seems that a TON of new Mummies (Nummie making mummies and formula feeding Mummies) have this problem. But for the formula feeding Mummies..... this problem tends to go away long before Nummie making Mummies. Mummies have a rush of hormones after having a baby.....the chemistry in your body changes, which can cause a change in how your body smells (or stinks) and how much you sweat. But for breastfeeding Mummies..... this "change" might stick around longer once your pregnancy "hormones" calm down.  We all know that breastfeeding changes your hormones and specifically the Estrogen hormone. You can pretty much thank your Estrogen levels for your new found "stank." Here is why: When Estrogen Levels drop, a false message is sent to the hypothalamus (think of that as your internal thermostat) saying "hey this Mummie is over heated, better do something about that." And the hypothalamus  jumps into action and tries to cool the body off by making sweat and there Mummies is why some of us have a stink.

When I say "some of us" I am including myself in that as well. (Hate to admit it.... but sometimes you just have to!) Come each morning and evening I am DYING for a shower! I can not wear any shirt with sleeves (thank goodness I love me some tank tops.) And thanks to my newly found coupon shopping addiction, I have a vast variety of deodorants and bath soaps under my bathroom cabinet. (Have yet to find the "magic" one though.)

Some Mummies have found that powder deodorant and even baking soda help them, while others have found applying some deo or powder under their Nummie makers helps "control" the freshies.

Which ever you way you choose to go I hope it works for you (AND IF IT DOES DROP ME A COMMENT SO I CAN TRY IT!!!) and know I am with you!

Hugs form one stinky to another!


  1. Most deodorants at the grocery store or pharmacy are filled with metals (aluminum) and are very unhealthy.

    Dab a little rubbing alcohol under your arms to kill bacteria. That's what causes the stink. Also, a low grain diet that avoids all processed food and no sugar will keep the pH balance in your skin.

    The skin is our number 1 detox organ. If you're having a lot of BO- it's the bad stuff you eat coming out. Healthy sweat has a yummy stink. Gluten, nitrates, preservatives, MSG, and food dyes can make your sweat awful.

  2. Thanks Danielle! I will give that a try!!!

  3. I feel like I'm overheating all the time, but not sure if it's the hormones or if it is in fact all the weight I've put on since I gave birth. I weigh more now AFTER giving birth than I ever did while I was still pregnant. I find that the SECRET deodorant does pretty well for me, but it's the all over funk that gets me down. At least I found out I can put Sylvia in her high chair while I take a shower and she's fine. She loves that thing. Once she can sit up on her own I'll probably start taking her into the shower with me.

  4. I thought it was just me! It started the day my milk came on at the hospital..the nurses said it could have been from the body heat from the little one....but even when he's gone I'm smelly...I'm so happy I'm not just some smelly kid!!

  5. I was wondering why I was smelling icky more often!!


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