Monday, September 26, 2011

World Milksharing Week 2011

Happy World Milksharing Week!!! The last week of September is dedicated to breastmilk sharing. The goal for WMW is to "celebrate milksharing and to promote human milk as the biologically normal nourishment for babies and children." To kick off this special week... I thought I would share a milk sharing story. It is not mine... but I think you will recognize the daddy in this story.

Last week, Curtis became known as "The Breastmilk Dad" as he and his wife decided he would go on a strictly breastmilk diet. Not just any wife's nummies. You see she had about 3 freezers FULL of pumped breastmilk and their children could not go through it all in time. So in hopes to aid his health... he decided to consume only breastmilk and document the journey. Fast forward a few days... after much scrutiny and some horrible comments, they took down their blog and went silent. BUT over the weekend an update emerged! It involves a Mummie with quadruplets, 3 freezers full of Mummie's Nummies and a dad willing to help. You see the "breastmilk dad" gave up their stash to help a Mummie in need!

I think it was a great outcome.... BUT I would have LOVED to see how it would have played out if he did in fact stick to the new diet. Would the breastmilk have helped his digestive issues? There is not much research done as to the effects breastmilk has on adults. What a great research topic! In my opinion..... it was Katie's (Cutris' wife) breastmilk.... so she can use it how she wants. She had donated previous breastmilk to babies in need (somewhere along the lines of thousands of ounces.) But how else are we going to find out the benefits to adults, unless adults actually consume it?

But either way... what an awesome outcome!!!! And no better timing than this week! What a great way to get the word out about breastmilk sharing. Those sweet 4 little nummie lovers are in for a treat!!!!!!!


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  1. Hopefully there is more research on the benefits of adult usage soon. Its certainly worth exploring! Wonderful article darlin as usual. :)


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