Monday, October 3, 2011

Breastfeeding Advocate Video

I think I have just watched my new favorite person! This fellow Mummie (who bless her heart nurses her nummie lover every hour!) Has made an almost 10 minute, vent-filled, pro NIP'ing video and AWESOMELY posted on YouTube.

She hit on some comments that we have all either heard first hand OR heard from other Mummies..... and she had great arguments to KNOCK those naysayer comments down.

Yes I think she is my new fav Mummie! Here are a few of my FAV comments she made:

In regards to NIP'ing it is "such a non issue"
Breastfeeding in itself, without having negative comments:"it's hard enough......"
And "a healthier baby and a healthier mother means a healthier future."

She also Talks about the comment "Well I don't Pee-Pee or Poo-Poo (okay well I "G" rated those two words) in public so you shouldn't breastfeed in public...." and her answers are SPOT ON!!! (Warning though....... she does get a bit heated with her caution might be needed when you watch this video.)

LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if I can find her contact info..... HMMMMMMMM RESEARCH TIME!!!!



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