Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The big fake out

Sometimes, just sometimes, you have to call their bluff.

Kit Kat has a new game... one that I am not too happy to play. (But I have gotten smarter about it.) Lately
when it is time to "switch sides" she will tell me "No, I'm done." The first time I heard that I about feel off the chair! **Really??!! You are all done? But you have one more side!!! Then all the images of me walking around with one HUGE breast all day about freaked me out!** Then as if she could read my mind she giggled and said "No, I not done. I want other side now."

So for DAYS and DAYS, she played this "little game"...... to the point I begin thinking she is really almost "done." (Her giggling every time kinda gave it away that she was playing though.)

So I decide to play back.

One morning she did her whole nursing on the first side thing..... "No I'm done now" game..... then I shot back with "Okay, you are all done. Mommy will put it away now" and proceeded to "put them away." OHHHHHHHHHHH my the look on her face....PRICELESS! It was more of a deer caught in the headlights kinda look! You know the one.... eyes bigger than pizzas..... get bigger as the seconds tick by. The look of absolute SHOCK and FRIGHT! Then she busted out with the biggest 7 am shriek I think I have ever heard. "NOOOOOO I NOT DONE!!!!" and dove across my body to "the other side."

Yes Mummies.... I called her bluff. I think I won that game.



  1. That's hilarious!

  2. lol. Poor girl. Mommy wasn't playing fair!

  3. Ha ha! My 8 month old son sometimes wants the other side before he tells me he is done with the first side. I will be laying on the bed with him, nursing and he just (out of nowhere) tries to pull the other side down to him!

  4. my son is five months and knows when he hears the click of my nursing bra.. its feeding time and he gets all giddy. and when he finishes feeding on one side.. i put that side away and he looks at me like im crazy cause he wants the other one.. and then he realizes im just putting one away so he can have the other one.. but this story is toooo cute!!!!!

  5. TOO FUNNY!! :) I LOVE it!!! :) I wonder if the game is over or if she will try to call your bluff again tomorrow? LOLOLOL :)


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