Friday, November 11, 2011

Extended/Full Term Breastfeeding

So now that Kit Kat and I are fixing to hit our 2 year milestone......(truly amazing to me still!) I am beginning to think about the term "extended" and "full term" breastfeeding. There is enough negative thoughts about breastfeeding, in the world, and to add the terms "extended" and "full term" in front of "breastfeeding" might make it seem "worse" to the nay sayers.

 I thought I would explain what "extended/full term" breastfeeding is and what it means to me (aka Mummie.)

Extended breastfeeding is described as this: Breastfeeding PAST one year. Yupp... that is all. All it means is that you are nursing your Nummie Lover after they turned one year old. So I guess that makes me an extended breastfeeder to the second power. :-)

Dr. Sears has a great article about "extended breastfeeding." What I love is that he mentions The World Health Organization and their feelings on breastfeeding. Here is what he says:
"The World Health Organization (WHO) officially recommends mothers breastfeed until three years of age. (Yes, you did read that right!) Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends mothers should breastfeed "at least until one year of age and then as long as baby and mother mutually want to."
Did you see that.....  the pretty word I highlighted in Mummie's favorite color???? The word MUTUALLY. Why would we stop breastfeeding just because our Nummie lover turned one? Is it because our breastmilk stops being packed full of beneficial nummies? (NO.) Is it because our nummie lover's should be old enough to drink out of a sippy? (NO.) Is it because "well you stop formula at one year old." (errrrr NO.) How about "well a paci should be taken away at one... aren't you just a paci?" (Yeah.... NO!) Oh it must be because.... well they are just too old, right? (a big PHAT NO!)

Why take something away when it is still beneficial, still comforting, causing no harm, and both Mummie and Nummie Lover are not ready? It makes no sense to stop something that is causing NO harm, in any way, and why stop when it is continues to be beneficial to me and my Nummie Lover? I mean really.... breastmilk does not change over night. It doesn't change at all...... it only grows with your growing Nummie Lover and continues to change as your Nummie Lover's needs change.

To me the word "extended" and "full term" are very descriptive. They are not bad words by any means. I can see why people would use them, in describing breastfeeding. But I choose not to use them. Why fuel the fire? I simply say "yes, I breastfeed" or "I am currently breastfeeding" and leave it at that. If people ask how old my "baby" is I answer honestly (and secretly study their face for a response!) One person, when realized I am breastfeeding (Kit Kat was 20 months old at the time) asked my husband "she is still breastfeeding? Isn't that weird?" My husband's response was "no..... why would it be weird?" (yes Mummies..... I married him for a reason!!!!!And he is all mine!)

So carry on Mummies! Carry On!!!!!


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