Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pump and Dump?

We have all heard the term "Pump and Dump." It really is a sad concept.

You take the time to grab all needed essentials:
two bottles (for a double pump) 
two breast cups
the pump
the tubes
the power cord

Then you find yourself a comfy place to sit and put your feet up.
You attach the tubes to the cup thinger-majigs and to the pump.
You plug the power cord into the outlet and the back of the pump.
Then you attach the breast cup thinger-majigs to your Nummie Makers (then re adjust many times, because they are not "perfectly" positioned.)
Then you turn on the Mummie's Nummies sucking device. (Ever compare your breastpump to a vampire? Wait......I might just have vamps on the mind due to the current book I am reading. Darn Vamps! Always popping up aren't they?!)
You then have to listen as the Vamp inspired breastpump calls you names. (Mine calls me "Wacko".)
You try your hardest not to watch as the first 2 minutes of "letdown cycle do their job..........


After all of that hard work you have to DUMP IT DOWN THE DRAIN?????!!!!!

Wasteful I say.... just wasteful! But what if, you go through ALL of the above steps............. and you look down to see NOTHING IN THE BOTTLES! Yupp! Nada! Zilch! A big Fat Goose Egg!

Talk about a WASTE!!!!! 

Yes, that was me Thursday evening, following my surgery. I wanted to make double sure that my Nummies was safe for Kit Kat. So I decided to pump (what I can remember since I was still kinda out of it.) I set everything up, on my own (one handed too.) I followed all the above steps, even added an extra "Calm down step" and NOTHING!!!!! WTH????!!!! 

So I pumped but could not dump. GRRRRR. Then I thought: "why didn't I pump anything out?" So I checked the good ol' hand squeeze method. YUP shot straight across the room. Again I think I growled. 

Again I thought "WTH??!!" 

I have not seriously pumped since Kit Kat was maybe 1 month old. I tried again when she was older..... (can't remember why) but I was not very successful. I remember (NOW) that I thought (then) my pump was not working correctly..... so why on earth would it work correctly now? 

So yeah, I pumped...... but did not dump. Kit Kat missed only one feeding that day (I was still in surgery for that feeding) and she seemed just fine with the nummies she got following my vampire pumping flop.

Maybe my pump spent too much time out in the sun...... well dang! Wait there I go confusing my breastpump to vampires again! Maybe I should put my Kindle down.



  1. Not that you need to pump again any time soon, but I noticed a HUGE difference when I used my Philips Avent pump from Target vs the Medela Symphony from the hospital. I could pump only a few ounces with the Philips, but I could pump double the milk with the Medela. Since I pump while working, a good pump is a must, and the price tag for the professional-grade pump was still cheaper than formula for the next couple years. In summary: all pumps are not created equal!

  2. Hi Ashley! I have a medela pump in style. I used it when I bfed pooker, I used it every day for 11 months. I think it just got tired! Hehe it was a great pump at its peak!

  3. Whenever I need to pump & dump, I just hop in the shower and get to work hand expressing. So much more pleasant. I get to drown my muscles in hot water and avoid that dreadful pump altogether. And hand expressing is so much more effective for me in the first place.


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