Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa Claus was breastfed!

Have you ever wondered "Hmmmm I wonder if (fill in the blank) was breastfed?" (Okay well I wonder that. Call me odd if you must.) Chances are if they are from WAY back in the day (pre formula days)...  YUPP they were breastfed. BUT if you still find yourself wondering (sometimes I probably need to find something else to think about.... I am sure on that!) all you really need to do is take a LOOK.

Take Santa Claus, for example. OH COME ON HE IS REAL! (or was.... but I go with the IS real option.)

(yes those are my sweet little girls with the Jolly ol' Man! This was taken in 2011.)

Here are the reasons I believe he was breastfed:

Santa has been sharing and giving for a very long time. Through a little Google search I found Santa was born in the THIRD century! Which would make him......well.....SERIOUSLY OLD. Some would say he is timeless. Now this man works very hard, has the energy of a young man, and seems to be in great health. Now we all know that breastfeeding helps reduce the risk of high cholesterol, helps reduce the risk for childhood obesity. Never mind the facts that studies have shown that breastmilk fed babies have lower chances of experiencing SIDS, illnesses, G.I. Track issues, ear infections and many more.......

Take a look at the Jolly Ol' Man himself. He is KNOWN for cherry, rosy cheeks, a jolly laugh, sparkling blue eyes and a special happiness about him. Hmmmmmmm...... he must have been a Nummie Lover!

Now think about all the food this man eats in one night. All the sweets, milk, veggies........ do you think he could eat all of those if he were allergic to SOMETHING? Nah! Studies have proven that the longer a child is exclusively breastfed the lower the risk is for food allergies! So Santa can eat all the Soy, Vegan, Dairy filled cookies and drinks he wants!!! Another great indication this man had a Mummie who made Nummies!

Take in account this man's creativity and his awesome amount of perception! He created a magical home for himself, his wife, his elves and all his reindeer. He found a way to make this magic work, found a way to keep everyone happy (all year round)..... not to mention keep Mrs. Claus happy without a single store in sight! Studies have shown that breastfed babies tend to be more perceptive and tend to have higher IQ's as well. Hmmmmm... yet another clue!

Do you think you could keep mental records of every child who exists on this earth? Sure he has many elves that help him out..... but I do not think the man has a computer.... let alone a smart phone or Tablet! He uses pen and paper..... Naughty and Nice lists....Knows every child by name. I think this goes under the higher IQ category! Hmmmmmmm....... Previous Nummie Lover?

Okay..... I guess the biggest fact of all..... Santa was not born when formula was an option. So I guess that is a pretty big clue that he was breastfed too.

So perhaps this year, as you set out the cookies and carrots...... maybe consider setting out some Nummies too. It might bring back a whole bunch of memories from his Nummie Lovin' days....... and he might leave you an extra present! We all know that the skin to skin contact, the warmth touch, the emotional eye contact....... it is something special. Santa might just think the same!

....Just sayin'!


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