Monday, November 21, 2011

The silly things they do

Nursing a toddler can be very entertaining. Its seems Kit Kat will do something new (while nursing) almost weekly. So I decided to jot down a few things she does, while enjoying her Nummies. (All of these she DOES do.... as crazy as it seems.)

*Pick nose (mine and hers)
*Pick ears (mine and hers)
*Play with hair (mine and hers)
*Practice Nursing gymnastics (must be getting ready for the Breastfeeding Winter Olympics)
*Pick her toe nails
*Pick at her feet
*Play with her feet
*Practice her audition for New York City Rockets kick line
*Work on her back stretches
*Play "Peak a boooo"
*Tap her toes on anything she can reach
*Tap on ME
*Sing a song
*Read a book
*Yell at older sibling (Pooker) to "go away" without breaking her latch
*Lick ME "Mommy, I not Kit Kat.... I'm a doggie."
*Smile a heart melting smile
*Wave at who ever enters the room (without seeing who it is)
*Pick at my neck, chin, cheek and eyes
*Hold onto the other Nummie Maker (making sure it is still there and ready to go?)
*Hold her snuggly and what ever "friend" she decided to bring with her
*Look up at me with the sweetest expression, an expression that can not be duplicated at any other time. An expression that she only shows while she is nursing. An expression that words can not describe..... it is beyond happy, beyond satisfied, beyond loving........ it is "the look."

Okay so the "licking" one gets me a little grossed out..... but hey it is who she is! I would have it no other way!!!!



  1. My lo also likes to stick her fingers in my mouth.

  2. awww, i love "the look", it really makes it all worth it!


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