Monday, November 14, 2011

We made it!!!!

Today is a special day! Kit Kat is two years old today AND that means we have hit our original goal! We made it two years in our breastfeeding journey!!!!!!! I am beyond amazed, shocked, ecstatic, sad, confused.... every emotion you can think of!

Really we made it to two years? Really Kit Kat is TWO?! OMG we made it to our goal! BOOOOOOOO my baby is two! Wait...... we made it two years?! HUH????

As with any other birthday, you expect to wake up and "feel" different. This morning I woke up feeling.... somewhat the same. I woke up knowing that my Nummie Lover was going to want to "eat" as soon as she saw me. I knew that was going to be my first morning activity. But then...... I remembered. Today is the biggest milestone we have ever reached (in breastfeeding.)

When I was pregnant with Pooker, my goal was to hit 12 months. Well I was one month shy of that when we had to stop. (Being a high risk pregnant mummie and breastfeeding do not mix.) I beat myself up over that for so long. I thought I had "failed" Pooker.... Okay so it might have been the pregnancy hormones and the hormone supplements that made me feel that way.... but I still felt it. I cried over it...... many many many times.

I made myself "better" when I decided I would make Kit Kat's breastfeeding goal "two years." I was more thinking it would (perhaps) make up for missing Pooker's goal. But then when I nursed Kit Kat for the very first time..... that thought process changed. I was now making the two year goal for Kit Kat..... not to make up for Pooker.

I wanted to take some pictures today, as a way to mark today's importance.

(one happy one.....)

(and one sweet one.)

**Wait did I type "to mark today's importance?" Why yes I did! 

You see today is not just a birthday for a very special miracle baby. Not just a day to look back at the 3 minutes it took for Kit Kat to make her entrance. No... it is more than that. Today is the realization of a goal set long before she was brought into this world. A goal that I have stuck to (like super glue.) A goal I have defended (to many.) A goal I have dreamed about. A goal we reached TOGETHER; through all the hard times, all the sweet moments, all the times she has said "I want to eat NOW" (literally.) 

So for every  long "sigh", every muttered "mmmmmm", every pat on the Nummie Makers, every sleepy latch, for every bite (ouchy), for every lick (yeah that one is still weird..she thinks she is a "woof woof") and for every speechless look in her eyes....... Happy Birthday/Nummie Lovin' Day to my precious Kit Kat. We did it my little Lover Bean...... we did it! 

**Now please pardon me while I go get a tissue and a snuggle from my birthday girl!**

***Two years and counting.....***


  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Kit Kat! What a huge milestone for both of you.

  2. awwww, so sweet! thank you for sharing!


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