Friday, December 30, 2011

Breastfeeding Foto Friday

"Foto" Friday is a play on phrase for Photo Friday. I take a million pictures each week, well maybe not a million...... but A LOT! So I thought it would be nice to share my favorite picture from the week. Each Friday, I will post one picture and each "Foto" will include a small caption. Some pictures will be related to breastfeeding, while others will not. I hope you enjoy "Foto Friday!" Do you like "Foto" Friday? Well come on over to our facebook page and our Facebook Group "Mummies Nummies Group" and join in! I love seeing your "Fotos."

My Poor Pooker...... She is sick. Here she was a few days ago following her nappy. After fighting a cold for 2 weeks it seems her wee little body can take no more. She also threw up for the first time EVER after this foto was taken. We have broken down and got her some antibiotics. Bless her sick soul. 


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Breastfeeding Year in Review 2011

With the new year coming and the old one leaving..... everyone is probably talking about what has happened this year. Heck I do a Year in Review for my husband every Christmas. So I thought maybe it would be fun to see what happened in the year 2011 in the breastfeeding world!

First up the fun and positive stuff!

The Big Latch On was held in August. I hosted an event in my home town and was amazed at the awesome mummies, daddies, family members, and of course Nummie lovers who came! I was even interviewed for our local newspaper!

A Nation Wide Target Nurse-In created by Michelle, a Target shopping Mummie who was harassed while NIP'ing in the woman's section of the store.

Forest Park, Georgia was another site for a Nurse-In. Following a possible town ordinance (created by City Manager Mr. Parker) which would make it ILLEGAL to breastfeed a toddler over the age of 2 in public, a Nurse In was created...... and the ordinance was removed!!!!!!!

Breastfeeding found to lower risk of Epilepsy. They found that the longer a Nummie Lover was breastfed the less of a risk was shown. They also found that exclusive breastfeeding increased the protection against Epilepsy.

New study finds breastfeeding can reduce the risk for SIDS up to 70%! The study determined that a Nummie Lover who had Nummies (at any amount) was 60% less likely to suffer from SIDS and a Nummie Lover who was exclusively breastfed (for any amount of time) was 70% less likely to suffer from SIDS!

Breastfeeding Mummies have been found to have "Mama Bear" Syndrome.

(Don't shoot the messenger) but a study also found that breastfed Nummie Lovers (for four months or more) are less likely to have major behavioral problems, lie, steal, be anxious or hyperactive.

(On a side positive note) Kit Kat and I reached our TWO YEAR milestone!

Now some not so "fun" stuff:

A study found that if a Mummie has problems with breastfeeding in the first 2 weeks, she is more likely to experience Postpartum Depression.

Stanford School of Medicine got into some HOT water when they labeled their breastfeeding section as "graphic."

Evenflo caught (some much needed) flack for an online commercial they released (and have since taken it down.)

Breastfeeding Mummies were also found to be considered "dumb" from their peers, during a study. (oh yeah that one was a peach!)

What was your FAV story of 2011?
Mine was the Big Latch On! That was such a great time!!!!!

Happy ending of 2011 and HAPPY new year 2012! I wonder what this new year will bring to us?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Target Stores Breastfeeding Nurse In 2011

There is something about someone telling me I am not "allowed" to be in a specific spot (when I KNOW I am allowed to be there.) I am not sure what it is...... maybe it is just plain defiance or stubbornness on my part, but it really makes me want to fight. (not like UFC fighting.... I really can not see myself taking someone down with a flying kick/left jab punch combo. Although now that I have that image in my head...... it does look really cool!)

So when I heard about the Breastfeeding Mummie being harassed by her local Target Store employees (and Corporate) I felt a bit of "Mummie Bear" coming on. I mean really?! This Mummie was shopping at her local Target when her Nummie Lover woke up and was a bit grumpy. We ALL know the best way to sooth a Nummie Lover is to well..... give them some NUMMIES! So she decided to find a less busy spot (which so happened to be the Woman's area next to the Blue Jeans) sat on the floor, grabbed her breastfeeding cover and fed her 5 month old Nummie Lover, Noah. Numerous employees came up to her asked her to move into a dressing room, one even told her she could be "cited for indecent exposure." (oh for the love of Nummies! REALLY??!!)

This Mummie is a fighter though. She called Target Corporate the following day to complain....Now this is where is gets a bit....errrr....messy? She was told (and I will quote this)  "just because it’s a woman’s legal right to nurse a baby in public doesn’t mean she should walk around the store flaunting it." WOW!!!!!!!!! Was this "customer relation" employee EVEN at this store? Did this person SEE what happened? "FLAUNTING IT"!!!!!!! Yeah because using a breastfeeding cover is FLAUNTING IT! For Pete sake even not using a breastfeeding cover is FAR from flaunting anything. But I digress.......

Sooooooo after some Mummie talk with her friends an idea came to life. A Nation Wide Target Store Nurse In was created. Tomorrow December 28, 2011 at 10 a.m local time, Mummies from all over the United States will gather at Target Stores. They will gather to NIP, baby wear, show support and unity. There is also a "Closed Face Book Group" called Target Nurse-In (at last check there was 4,537 members.... me being one of them.) I know many of you (my Mummies as I so lovingly refer to you) will be attending. Some of you have even gotten together and decided to meet up! 

I will be attending my local Target Store (with my husband, Pooker and Kit Kat.) I do not think Kit Kat will nurse, nor have I ever had problems with my local target (regarding NIP'ing) but I want to be there, just in case, a Mummie is there. I want to show my support (shocker huh?!)... because after all "No Mummie should feel alone."

So are you going? If so please share your story here! I would love to hear how it went for you!


Monday, December 19, 2011

The Grinch Who Wasn't Breastfed

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Santa Claus was breastfed and why I thought this way. Well something else has come to my attention (thanks to my 3.5 year old daughter, Pooker) and I have decided to research this one out as well.

The other day, we were all watching Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Pooker looked up at me and said:
"Mommy, the Grinch is mean." 
Me: "Why do you think he is mean?"
Pooker: "No one loves him."
Me: "You are right, no one loves him...yet."
Pooker: "and I don't think he had his Mummie's Nummies."
Me: (A little giggle) Oh no? Why do you think that?"
Pooker: "Hmmmm......" (thinking it over) "Well look at him."

So.... let's look at him. Let's see if Pooker was right.

We all know the song... so let's break it down (Mummie style!):

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.
You really are a heel.
You're as cuddly as a cactus,
You're as charming as an eel.
Mr. Grinch.

(Studies have shown that babies who are breastfed tend not be mean adults. That breastfed babies are more compassionate, empathetic, and caring towards others.) 

You're a bad banana
With a greasy black peel.

(Breastfed babies tend not not grow into rotten people....)

You're a monster, Mr. Grinch.
Your heart's an empty hole.
Your brain is full of spiders,
You've got garlic in your soul.
Mr. Grinch.

I wouldn't touch you, with a
thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.

You're a vile one, Mr. Grinch.
You have termites in your smile.
You have all the tender sweetness
Of a seasick crocodile.
Mr. Grinch.

(Studies have shown that babies who are breastfed will have fewer dental cavities throughout their lives.... so I guess that would also include no termites.) 

Given the choice between the two of you
I'd take the seasick crockodile.

You're a foul one, Mr. Grinch.
You're a nasty, wasty skunk.
Your heart is full of unwashed socks
Your soul is full of gunk.
Mr. Grinch.
The three words that best describe you, are as follows, and I quote:
Stink, Stank, Stunk!

(Breastfed babies tend to have fewer allergies vs formula fed babies.....and allergies can cause bad breath and or body odor.)

You're a rotter, Mr. Grinch.
You're the king of sinful sots.
Your heart's a dead tomato splotched
With moldy purple spots,
Mr. Grinch.

(Breast-fed babies are less likely to contract a number of diseases later in life, including juvenile diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and cancer..... which would help prevent a heart with "dead tomato splotched with moldy purple spots.....")

Your soul is an appalling dump heap overflowing
with the most disgraceful assortment of deplorable
rubbish imaginable,
Mangled up in tangled up knots.

(The psychomotor and social development of breastfed babies differs from that of bottle-fed ones and leads at the age of 12 months to significant advantages of the psychomotor and social capabilities. This would help your soul not be appalling....)

You nauseate me, Mr. Grinch.
With a nauseaus super-naus.
You're a crooked jerky jockey
And you drive a crooked hoss.
Mr. Grinch.

You're a three decker saurkraut and toadstool sandwich
With arsenic sauce!

So there you have it Mummies. The reasons why (we believe) the Grinch was not breastfed. Okay.... so I know how the Grinch ends.... his heart grows 3 sizes that day, the Grinch found the strength of *ten* Grinches, plus two, and  his whole attitude changes. He becomes compassionate, understanding, and his social skills shoot through the roof! It took 54 years (the age of the Grinch) but finally he changed! 

So I don't know..... maybe he was breastfed....maybe not. Or maybe it was just that he found someone to love him (as Pooker says.)

Whatever the reason...
Merry Christmas to the small and the tall!

Thanks to Benefits of Breastfeeding  and for all the help with my research!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Foto Friday

"Foto" Friday is a play on phrase for Photo Friday. I take a million pictures each week, well maybe not a million...... but A LOT! So I thought it would be nice to share my favorite picture from the week. Each Friday, I will post one picture and each "Foto" will include a small caption. Some pictures will be related to breastfeeding, while others will not. I hope you enjoy "Foto Friday!" Do you like "Foto" Friday? Well come on over to our facebook page and our Facebook Group "Mummies Nummies Group" and join in! I love seeing your "Fotos."

This week we did our annual Grand Kids Christmas Foto, for Grandma (AKA Mother in Law)!! This year we opted to do it ourselves and in our house! Shhhhhhhh don't tell anyone but this was taken in my kitchen! You can spot Kit Kat and Pooker (I hope), the two little boys in the back and the two bigger kids in the middle belong to one sister in law, and the one holding the balls belong to my other sister in law. Great shot... if I do say so myself!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Introducing Mummie's Nummies Gear!

I have been a bit "silent" this week.... but trust me I have not been taking a break from Mummie's Nummies. Noper! I have been super busy working away creating some stores! We now have TWO online stores, where you can purchase your very own Mummie's Nummies Gear! Oh and do we have gear! We have Nummie Lover gear, Mummie gear, Daddy gear, sibling gear, family gear and friend gear! Oh we have it all! We have a Cafe Press store and a Virtual Planet Store.
(Hint for the Cafe Press store... If you sign up for their emails they will send you money saving specials! I think I get  special offers daily!!!)

I wanted to show you some examples........

Here is Kit Kat showing off her Nummie Lover Toddler T Shirt!

(All designs come in Blue and Pink. Some also come in Black.)

(We have "Celebration Milestone" shirts as well. 3 months up to 3 years and counting....) 

(Above: Who doesn't love "Mummie's Nummies?)

If you have an idea for a design or an item just let me know! I will see if I can create it! I hope you all enjoy the stores and your Mummie's Nummies gear! 


Friday, December 9, 2011

Breastfeeding Foto Friday

"Foto" Friday is a play on phrase for Photo Friday. I take a million pictures each week, well maybe not a million...... but A LOT! So I thought it would be nice to share my favorite picture from the week. Each Friday, I will post one picture and each "Foto" will include a small caption. Some pictures will be related to breastfeeding, while others will not. I hope you enjoy "Foto Friday!" Do you like "Foto" Friday? Well come on over to our facebook page and our Facebook Group "Mummies Nummies Group" and join in! I love seeing your "Fotos."

Now that Kit Kat is a few days away from 25 months old...... I am feeling the "fear" that each nummie session will be her last. I constantly think that I will miss taking a picture of her "last" nummie lovin' moment. So I took this one yesterday..... oh hey and you get to see the lovely scar from my surgery three weeks ago! BONUS! She was asleep here.....Her way of beginning her napy time.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

An open letter to daily showers

One of our Mummies (Hi Danielle!) from our Closed Facebook Group (Mummies Nummies Group) mentioned that she missed daily showers. I about pee-peed myself when I read it! No really........ even Pooker and Kit Kat were all concerned. They looked at me with worried faces and asked "Mommy are you okay?" in synchronized voices.... how they do that......I have no idea! But they do-----very often!

So it got me thinking. How many Mummies do not get the time to shower every day? I will be very honest..... I shower every day. Every morning to be exact. After my husband leaves for work, the girls and I eat breakfast, go potty, and then we truck our happy butts (not always happy but you get the idea) up to Mummie and Daddy's bedroom, sit on the bed, turn on the TV and the WII, get to our Netflix account and they pick a movie. Meanwhile I look at them and say "Everyone stay on the bed, okay?" They respond with "Okay!" (again with synchronized voices and without looking at me.)

I then quickly hop into the shower... praying that I will have atleast 5 minutes before I hear "Get offa me! Mommy!! Sissy is on me!" (Could be either of the girls saying this.) Or I am waiting to hear Kit Kat say "Mommy, I go to the playroom now?"

So I decided to write an Open Letter to not only daily showers (since I am happy to announce.. I am as it of the lucky ones who gets those) but also to HOT, uninterrupted, long showers! Here I go......echhhhmmmm.

Dear Showers,
It seems as though we have grown apart. I understand that life has brought upon me some major changes, but I have not meant to distance myself from you. I am so very sorry if you have felt this way. It was never my intention to make you feel unappreciated, unloved, or unwanted. I, in fact, have found myself needing you more now than ever before. What with all of the Nummie Lover Spew, diaper explosions, Mummie's Nummies accidents, sweat from hormone induced hot flashes and chasing children around, Nummie Lover drool (....really I could go on and on, but you get the idea) I truly understand how valuable and important you are to me. 

Oh how I dream about standing under you, while your hot water and steam pour down on my head. Feeling the lather, smelling the awesome aroma as you make my favorite soap come to life. The feeling of newly shaved legs (TOP and BOTTOM) and smoothly shaved pits. How I yearn to wash my hair ( BOTH shampoo and conditioner) with your hot water. To feel you clean me (SO much better than a wet wipie.) 

I remember the days where we would hang out until you ran out of hot water.  We never had to say a word to each other. I needed you, you needed me and that was enough. We used to spend so much time together. You even welcomed my husband (with open arms) to come along for a visit, without being jealous. We fulfilled one an other. 

Now it seems I have to leave you before I am ready. Please believe me when I say, I leave you not of my free will. Please believe when I say this. I miss you deeply, truly and immensely.

Please come back into my life. My stress level has not been the same with out you.

Sincerely yours,


**P.S. please pass this letter along to your cousin the Bath Tub!**


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Breastfeeding Support

.......and I do not mean a good breastfeeding support bra!

I have had some fun with my posts recently.... because.... well it is fun! We all need some fun.... it helps make the non fun times a bit easier to swallow (yes... pun intended "swallow".) **see... FUN!**

But I want to take a minute and be a bit serious.

When I started Mummie's Nummies..... my goal was to spread support to as many Mummies as I could reach. But sometimes...... all support is not treated equally. It is OOOOOOBER important to get the correct support to as many Mummies as possible. If the wrong kind of "support" is given, then it is not really support. It might as well be a negative comment from a passerby, or a "death to you for NIP'ing"  look from a stranger.

If you are going to give support, that comes with a warning...... it might not be the best support. I recently heard someone give "advice" and warned that what they were about to say might make people angry. They continued to tell people not to claim to be a victim (if they could not breastfeed) because they can breastfeed.

Breastfeeding (in MOST cases) is not easy. Lord knows I have been racked through the breastfeeding leaves MANY times with BOTH of my girls. Some people even told me that I should just stop. That it could be easier (for me) if I did. Now, me being the stubborn Mummie that I am...... I did not give up. I soldiered on. I know (with all of my heart) that these people (who offered this "advice") did so in order to help me. I do not fault them in any way. I actually believe that they helped me continue on....that's me being stubborn again.

But it is the comments that seem to make a Mummie, who struggled with breastfeeding, feel guilty about stopping that upset me.

As natural as breastfeeding is, as pro-breastfeeding as I AM...... not every Mummie can do it. Not every Mummie has the support they need when times get tough. Bad/negative support is no support at all. Not every Mommy WANTS to breastfeed.

Some Mummies have supply issues, health issues, other medical issues.... some Nummie Lovers have health and medical issues...... not every one can do it. I know that. Just because some one is unable to breastfeed (or chooses not to) does not make them a bad person. It does not mean that they love their baby any less. It most certainly does not make them a bad parent.

To make someone feel guilty or to attack them is not the way to bring positive support to breastfeeding. It is not going to make the Mummie turn around and say "Yeah, you know what you are right! I am a horrible person for not breastfeeding. I am horrible for not giving my baby the best I can. Man I am a horrible person!" No.... it will only make them not listen to anything you have to say, and it might even give them a negative view (on breastfeeding) if they were faced with the chance again. What good is that?

I, for one, am tired of the breastfeeding vs formula feeding battle. Is breastmilk best? For most, yes it is. Is formula evil? No, it is not. Does breastfeeding make you a better mommy? No. Is formula feeding dangerous? No, not when it is prepared correctly and given correctly. It comes down to circumstance or choice. Are your circumstance allowing you to breastfeed and do you choose to breastfeed or formula feed? Just because someone formula feeds does NOT make them lazy. Just because someone breastfeeds does NOT make them some tree hugging hippie who thinks they are better than everyone else (no offense to the tree hugging hippies.) How we raise our children is what makes us who we are as parents. Not how we feed them. The judging comes from both sides of the table. The breastmilk vs formula judging needs to stop. Love your children, do your best as a parent. That is what matters.

I do not feel that all non successful breastfeeding Mummies play any victim card. I also think that most of these Mummies do not sit back and dwell on it.  They fed their babies to the best of their ability. It is not up to us (pro breastfeeding Mummies) to judge them. All we can do is offer the (correct) kind of support and aid them in any (positive and non judgmental) way we can. Now I said "NOT ALL".... there are exceptions to what I just said. Those exceptions can not be changed. When someone is stuck in their ways (for any reason)... they can not be changed. Trust me. Let me explain, I grew up with an emotionally abusive father who to this day chooses to think I do not exist.... He is an exception that can not be changed, deeply stuck in his ways. I am NOT comparing my father to anyone. Luckily, he is his own person. I was just using him as an example.

So what am I saying? Don't make anyone feel guilty. Don't judge a Mummie for either "giving up" or for choosing another way. That Mummie still needs support. We create our own guilt and we do not need any help with that. Always remember..... "NO Mummie should be left behind."

**Okay.... I am done. You may now resume your web surfing!**


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Friday, December 2, 2011

Breastfeeding Foto Friday

"Foto" Friday is a play on phrase for Photo Friday. I take a million pictures each week, well maybe not a million...... but A LOT! So I thought it would be nice to share my favorite picture from the week. Each Friday, I will post one picture and each "Foto" will include a small caption. Some pictures will be related to breastfeeding, while others will not. I hope you enjoy "Foto Friday!" Do you like "Foto" Friday? Well come on over to our facebook page and our Facebook Group "Mummies Nummies Group" and join in! I love seeing your "Fotos." 

Here is Pooker.... she is OBSESSED with taking pictures. She took this picture (a self portrait) with my cell phone camera! It was a blind shot since I don't have a front facing camera! Pretty impressive! I "think" Santa is bringing her very own digital camera.... shhhhhhh don't tell Pooker!

And my Kit Kat! A very rare shot of her amazing smile....... yes that is a butterfly clip on her nose.......I never said she was "normal!" hehe. But with a face like that.... who needs to be normal?!