Thursday, December 29, 2011

Breastfeeding Year in Review 2011

With the new year coming and the old one leaving..... everyone is probably talking about what has happened this year. Heck I do a Year in Review for my husband every Christmas. So I thought maybe it would be fun to see what happened in the year 2011 in the breastfeeding world!

First up the fun and positive stuff!

The Big Latch On was held in August. I hosted an event in my home town and was amazed at the awesome mummies, daddies, family members, and of course Nummie lovers who came! I was even interviewed for our local newspaper!

A Nation Wide Target Nurse-In created by Michelle, a Target shopping Mummie who was harassed while NIP'ing in the woman's section of the store.

Forest Park, Georgia was another site for a Nurse-In. Following a possible town ordinance (created by City Manager Mr. Parker) which would make it ILLEGAL to breastfeed a toddler over the age of 2 in public, a Nurse In was created...... and the ordinance was removed!!!!!!!

Breastfeeding found to lower risk of Epilepsy. They found that the longer a Nummie Lover was breastfed the less of a risk was shown. They also found that exclusive breastfeeding increased the protection against Epilepsy.

New study finds breastfeeding can reduce the risk for SIDS up to 70%! The study determined that a Nummie Lover who had Nummies (at any amount) was 60% less likely to suffer from SIDS and a Nummie Lover who was exclusively breastfed (for any amount of time) was 70% less likely to suffer from SIDS!

Breastfeeding Mummies have been found to have "Mama Bear" Syndrome.

(Don't shoot the messenger) but a study also found that breastfed Nummie Lovers (for four months or more) are less likely to have major behavioral problems, lie, steal, be anxious or hyperactive.

(On a side positive note) Kit Kat and I reached our TWO YEAR milestone!

Now some not so "fun" stuff:

A study found that if a Mummie has problems with breastfeeding in the first 2 weeks, she is more likely to experience Postpartum Depression.

Stanford School of Medicine got into some HOT water when they labeled their breastfeeding section as "graphic."

Evenflo caught (some much needed) flack for an online commercial they released (and have since taken it down.)

Breastfeeding Mummies were also found to be considered "dumb" from their peers, during a study. (oh yeah that one was a peach!)

What was your FAV story of 2011?
Mine was the Big Latch On! That was such a great time!!!!!

Happy ending of 2011 and HAPPY new year 2012! I wonder what this new year will bring to us?

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