Thursday, December 15, 2011

Introducing Mummie's Nummies Gear!

I have been a bit "silent" this week.... but trust me I have not been taking a break from Mummie's Nummies. Noper! I have been super busy working away creating some stores! We now have TWO online stores, where you can purchase your very own Mummie's Nummies Gear! Oh and do we have gear! We have Nummie Lover gear, Mummie gear, Daddy gear, sibling gear, family gear and friend gear! Oh we have it all! We have a Cafe Press store and a Virtual Planet Store.
(Hint for the Cafe Press store... If you sign up for their emails they will send you money saving specials! I think I get  special offers daily!!!)

I wanted to show you some examples........

Here is Kit Kat showing off her Nummie Lover Toddler T Shirt!

(All designs come in Blue and Pink. Some also come in Black.)

(We have "Celebration Milestone" shirts as well. 3 months up to 3 years and counting....) 

(Above: Who doesn't love "Mummie's Nummies?)

If you have an idea for a design or an item just let me know! I will see if I can create it! I hope you all enjoy the stores and your Mummie's Nummies gear! 


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