Thursday, December 8, 2011

An open letter to daily showers

One of our Mummies (Hi Danielle!) from our Closed Facebook Group (Mummies Nummies Group) mentioned that she missed daily showers. I about pee-peed myself when I read it! No really........ even Pooker and Kit Kat were all concerned. They looked at me with worried faces and asked "Mommy are you okay?" in synchronized voices.... how they do that......I have no idea! But they do-----very often!

So it got me thinking. How many Mummies do not get the time to shower every day? I will be very honest..... I shower every day. Every morning to be exact. After my husband leaves for work, the girls and I eat breakfast, go potty, and then we truck our happy butts (not always happy but you get the idea) up to Mummie and Daddy's bedroom, sit on the bed, turn on the TV and the WII, get to our Netflix account and they pick a movie. Meanwhile I look at them and say "Everyone stay on the bed, okay?" They respond with "Okay!" (again with synchronized voices and without looking at me.)

I then quickly hop into the shower... praying that I will have atleast 5 minutes before I hear "Get offa me! Mommy!! Sissy is on me!" (Could be either of the girls saying this.) Or I am waiting to hear Kit Kat say "Mommy, I go to the playroom now?"

So I decided to write an Open Letter to not only daily showers (since I am happy to announce.. I am as it of the lucky ones who gets those) but also to HOT, uninterrupted, long showers! Here I go......echhhhmmmm.

Dear Showers,
It seems as though we have grown apart. I understand that life has brought upon me some major changes, but I have not meant to distance myself from you. I am so very sorry if you have felt this way. It was never my intention to make you feel unappreciated, unloved, or unwanted. I, in fact, have found myself needing you more now than ever before. What with all of the Nummie Lover Spew, diaper explosions, Mummie's Nummies accidents, sweat from hormone induced hot flashes and chasing children around, Nummie Lover drool (....really I could go on and on, but you get the idea) I truly understand how valuable and important you are to me. 

Oh how I dream about standing under you, while your hot water and steam pour down on my head. Feeling the lather, smelling the awesome aroma as you make my favorite soap come to life. The feeling of newly shaved legs (TOP and BOTTOM) and smoothly shaved pits. How I yearn to wash my hair ( BOTH shampoo and conditioner) with your hot water. To feel you clean me (SO much better than a wet wipie.) 

I remember the days where we would hang out until you ran out of hot water.  We never had to say a word to each other. I needed you, you needed me and that was enough. We used to spend so much time together. You even welcomed my husband (with open arms) to come along for a visit, without being jealous. We fulfilled one an other. 

Now it seems I have to leave you before I am ready. Please believe me when I say, I leave you not of my free will. Please believe when I say this. I miss you deeply, truly and immensely.

Please come back into my life. My stress level has not been the same with out you.

Sincerely yours,


**P.S. please pass this letter along to your cousin the Bath Tub!**


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