Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Target Stores Breastfeeding Nurse In 2011

There is something about someone telling me I am not "allowed" to be in a specific spot (when I KNOW I am allowed to be there.) I am not sure what it is...... maybe it is just plain defiance or stubbornness on my part, but it really makes me want to fight. (not like UFC fighting.... I really can not see myself taking someone down with a flying kick/left jab punch combo. Although now that I have that image in my head...... it does look really cool!)

So when I heard about the Breastfeeding Mummie being harassed by her local Target Store employees (and Corporate) I felt a bit of "Mummie Bear" coming on. I mean really?! This Mummie was shopping at her local Target when her Nummie Lover woke up and was a bit grumpy. We ALL know the best way to sooth a Nummie Lover is to well..... give them some NUMMIES! So she decided to find a less busy spot (which so happened to be the Woman's area next to the Blue Jeans) sat on the floor, grabbed her breastfeeding cover and fed her 5 month old Nummie Lover, Noah. Numerous employees came up to her asked her to move into a dressing room, one even told her she could be "cited for indecent exposure." (oh for the love of Nummies! REALLY??!!)

This Mummie is a fighter though. She called Target Corporate the following day to complain....Now this is where is gets a bit....errrr....messy? She was told (and I will quote this)  "just because it’s a woman’s legal right to nurse a baby in public doesn’t mean she should walk around the store flaunting it." WOW!!!!!!!!! Was this "customer relation" employee EVEN at this store? Did this person SEE what happened? "FLAUNTING IT"!!!!!!! Yeah because using a breastfeeding cover is FLAUNTING IT! For Pete sake even not using a breastfeeding cover is FAR from flaunting anything. But I digress.......

Sooooooo after some Mummie talk with her friends an idea came to life. A Nation Wide Target Store Nurse In was created. Tomorrow December 28, 2011 at 10 a.m local time, Mummies from all over the United States will gather at Target Stores. They will gather to NIP, baby wear, show support and unity. There is also a "Closed Face Book Group" called Target Nurse-In (at last check there was 4,537 members.... me being one of them.) I know many of you (my Mummies as I so lovingly refer to you) will be attending. Some of you have even gotten together and decided to meet up! 

I will be attending my local Target Store (with my husband, Pooker and Kit Kat.) I do not think Kit Kat will nurse, nor have I ever had problems with my local target (regarding NIP'ing) but I want to be there, just in case, a Mummie is there. I want to show my support (shocker huh?!)... because after all "No Mummie should feel alone."

So are you going? If so please share your story here! I would love to hear how it went for you!


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  1. Target needs to get the message! I sat in the doorway of the Women's bathroom because I'm allowed to be there so I should be allowed to breastfeed there. I am woman hear me squirt!


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