Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Breastfeeding from the Mouth of Babes

Mental image time. Kit Kat and daddy were playing together over the weekend. Kit Kat was running into her daddy, attempting to knock him down. (A 23 pound 26 month old trying to knock down her daddy.... yeah she thinks she is way bigger than she really is. She couldn't even knock down a feather on a table!) Daddy scooped her up (think "the lift" on the  movie Dirty Dancing... ohhhhh Partick Swayze...RIP)

Kit Kat then says "Put me down daddy!" As soon as she was put down, Kit Kat lifted her shirt and says "Daddy you want to eat me?"

I about dropped what I was holding (though I can't remember what I was holding now) and about died! Did she really say that?! We were rolling with laughter!  Daddy could hardly get the words out "no, KK I don't." due to his laughter. She simply pulled her shirt back down and said "okay" and walked away!

Ohhhh the things they say! hehe


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