Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breastfeeding thoughts

As you know, Kit Kat is two (26 months to be exact.) So I have had a LONG time to contemplate breastfeeding. I will be honest and say that I think about breastfeeding EVERY day, sometimes it might be humorous thoughts, other times serious thoughts and of course the random breastfeeding thought. I guess when you have a nummie lover who is ALWAYS thinking about the Nummies.... it kinda makes sense that the Nummie Maker would ALWAYS think about them too.

So here is what I have thought about recently...

Have you ever thought what your Nummie Lover imagined what breastmilk really was? I mean really.... sometimes when Kit Kat is nursing she will have different "sucking" techniques. Some are more like "chomping"' others are more like a long "slurping."

Out of the blue.... she was "chomping" one day and the image of her eating a big sloppy, wide mouth cheeseburger popped in my head. You know the one requires you to use BOTH hands and you can barely get your mouth opened wide enough.
(yupp.. that would be the one!) 
p.s. darn now I want a cheeseburger!

Then she has these long lasting, savory kind of sucks. The kind that I instantly think thick, yummy MILK SHAKE!!! The kind of milkshake that makes you slurp so hard that your face resembles a fish. The kind of milkshake SO thick, you realize that after 5 minutes of constantly "slurping" you've only managed to drink an inch!

(Oh yeah! That one!!!)
p.p.s. Well GREAT now I want a milkshake!

Sometimes, Kit Kat will be so "effective" in her technique that when she is done I look down and freak out! It takes me a few moments to realize what I am seeing is ME and not some freakish nightmare! Imagine Madonna in her "Like a Virgin" days


Think breast milk filled torpedo.
No really! It really is insane how far stretched this little Nummie Lover can make my nips! I am talking freakishly LONG! Like Side Show Circus LONG! I could very well be the newest side show attraction... in between the "hairiest lady" and the "two headed cow!" Just call me Torpedo Nips! ( I am not just talking about "hey the turkey is done" it is more like "hey the Condor is done!")

So lets see....with the cheeseburger, milkshake, Madonna coned bra, torpedo'ish, Condor images.... I have come to realize.... I might need to read a book while Kit Kat is nursing. It seems my imagination has completely run off and joined the circus.

Circus trip anyone?


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