Tuesday, January 10, 2012

High Lipase levels in breastmilk

Do you find your pumped breastmilk to "sour" prematurely? Is your frozen breastmilk a little rank, taste like a dirty coin or even soap? You might have high levels of Lipase in your Nummies. I came to realize a bit of a shocker....... I will explain that in a bit.

One of our Mummies, from our closed Facebook Group, asked if anyone knew why her milk was seeming to spoil prematurely. She was storing her nummies correctly but still found something was "off." She asked me if I knew anything about Lipase Enzymes.... and well..... I did not. So I promised her I would do some research! (Here I am doing the research!)

Le Leche League  says:"Sometimes thawed milk may smell or taste soapy. This is due to the breakdown of milk fats. The milk is safe and most babies will still drink it. If there is a rancid smell from high lipase (enzyme that breaks down milk fats) activity when the milk has been chilled or frozen, the milk can be heated to scalding (bubbles around the edges, not boiling) after expression, then quickly cooled and frozen. This deactivates the lipase enzyme. Scalded milk is still a healthier choice than commercial infant formula."

There also might be a connection with tap water and high levels of Lipase. Tap water can contain metal ions like Magnesium, Calcium and Manganese. These metallic ions can activate the Enzymes in your breastmilk..... therefor creating higher levels of Lipase. If you use your tap water to rinse out your pump equipment.......then that might be a cause for the higher levels. You could wash your pump equipment, sippy cups, bottles and bottle nipples (anything that comes in contact with breastmilk) with distilled water and phosphate free soap. This will not eliminate the problem.... as your breastmilk already has higher levels of Lipase.....  but it might help. 

So here is the SHOCKER! I never knew this... but I had this when I pumped with Pooker! My frozen milk (although did not have a bad smell) was horribly metallic in flavor. Pooker did not care at all (she got two pumped bottles a day to help with her silent reflux) so I thought nothing of it. Now with Kit Kat ... she never took to a bottle. She actually hated the things (seriously.. hated them with a passion!) So I only pumped a few times with her, and never got a chance to have a stocked supply. So I do not know if it was high in Lipase or not.  Hummmmmm the things you learn!!!!!!!


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  1. Thanks for the advice. I express for my daughter and have a lot stored in the freezer. I always check the smell and taste now and again and worried it was spoilt but reading others experiences has helped reassure me. Esmae is happy to drink it and i follow the storing guidelines . Faye


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