Thursday, February 23, 2012

Breastmilk for ear infections

We have heard how breastmilk is a cure for most. How, in most cases, it is simply "liquid gold."  I did a post back in July 2010 on other ways to use breastmilk. I will be honest and say that I have not tried breastmilk as a cure for anything other than.... well hunger and perhaps wounded nipples.

BUT I have come to a point, in my parenting life, where I am OVER ear infections! Poor Kit Kat had her first ear infection at 5 days old. (I KNOW RIGHT! Poor Nummie Lover!) At that point we were told that since she was so young (under 6 months) and had her first ear infection.... she would most likely be prone to them. (Oh happy day. Pooker went 19 months without a single ear infection.... and poor Kit Kat only had 5 days!)

Well.... truth be told.... the pediatrician was correct. My poor Kit Kat has had 5 ear infections (I think... give or take) and I am OVER the antibiotics! 

Where exactly am I going with this, you might be asking? Well Kit Kat DOES NOT have an ear infection (at the moment) but I fear one is coming. Kinda like you can see the tornado clouds looming in the distance, or hear the gust of wind coming before you feel it. You see.... earlier in the week Pooker came down with pink eye and an ear infection. (I was SHOCKED about the ear infection... the girl NEVER showed signs. She even told the Pediatrician that her ear didn't hurt.) So... being the Mummie I am, I asked her to check out Kit Kat's ears..... 'Cause what one has the other has! Well (luckily) Kit Kat's ears were good and she showed no signs of pink eye. 

BUT this morning...... she woke up with a cough. Yes, the dreaded cough! The cough that tells you, "something ain't right and something might be-a-comin'!" 

After TWO horrific (never before seen) allergic reactions to TWO separate eye drop medicines, an E.R visit and two Pediatrician visits (all for Pooker and ALL this week) this Mummie has had all she can handle! 

So I decided something, I decided action needed to be taken. Poor Pooker is on an antibiotic, a steroid and benedryl (The last two for her "never before seen or heard of " reaction to the two different eye drops.) I am not about to have both of them be on medicine again (that happened two months ago!) 

I decided to take preventable action! 

This morning in the shower I hand expressed (my possessed breast pump does not work anymore.) Now, this may not look like much.... (in all honesty it is not) BUT I am not using it as nourishment. OH NO! I am using it to PREVENT another darn ear infection in Kit Kat!  

Some people laugh when they hear this, while others freak out. But there is a large group of mummies who SWEAR by it! So here is what I will be doing. Kit Kat will get one drop, per ear, two times a day. If she does not get an ear infection then I will deem that as a SUCCESS!!! (I am also adding in some Probiotics, to her yogurt, just in case. 

 As always.... I will keep you posted! Keep those Nummie makers crossed for us! (or you can cross your fingers..... either way.)



  1. I've heard it's also the best treatment for pink eye. Hope I never have to find out. Delt with streph and a cold so far , hope nothing worse shows up!

  2. Is there a follow-up to this post? I can't seem to find one but I would really like to know if it worked!

    1. HI Maggie! It worked sometimes and sometimes not for us. But other Mummies have sworn by it 100%. I think it depends on the kind of ear infection to be honest. It is worth a shot if you are an ear infection battling family. Good luck! ~Mummie

  3. I live in a rural Central American country and the locals swear by it for eye, skin and ear infections...trying it today for my son's ear.


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