Monday, February 20, 2012

Garmastan nipple cream ad

I really do not know how to begin this post. I have been sitting her for ten minutes thinking "how do I start this? Where do I even begin?" Well I still have no clue, so I guess I will begin with the image I am posting about.

(The following is what happened inside my mind when I saw the above ad.)

"Awwwwwwww! A Mummie holding her Nummie Lover! How sweet. Look at that chunky Nummie Lover.... Ummmmm... wait. What is wrong with her Nummie Maker? Oh the magazine censored the advertisement. Wait... what is this ad for anyways? Oh COOL! It is for a nipple cream called Garmastan. So awesome to see a magazine promoting breastfeeding. Wait.... what IS wrong with her Nummie Maker? What in the world is in the Nummie Lover's mouth? Oh good Nummie Makin' grief! It is a piece of paper from the Mummie's nummie maker! WHAT IN THE WORLD? "

(Then I saw the below picture.)

"Oh. My. Good. Gravy. The Nummie Lover ripped off the nipple!" (Then the item that is being advertised pops in my head again.... NIPPLE CREAM. That is when it hits me...) "Oh. My. Good. Gravy. The Nummie Lover RIPPED off the nipple! NIPPLE CREAM!!! BWWWAAAHAAAHAAAA! That is so funny!"

I saw this advertisement from The Alpha Parent. Thankfully she was able to do a bit of digging and found where this ad originated from.

Title: Torn Nipple.
Advertiser: Armila
Agency: MILK (Vilnius)
Country: Lithuania

Now...... I have no problem with the ad. I really don't. I think it is actually pretty funny and creative! BUT what I do have a problem with is the caption on the ad. The caption reads: “BREASTFEEDING HURTS”. The small-print on the ad reads: “See, your baby is hungry 12 times a day, and that much of breastfeeding makes your nipples very sensitive. They become sore and may even crack. But it will not be a torture if you use Garmastan before and after the feeding”.

I want to be fair here. Breastfeeding CAN hurt..... BUT if it does hurt then something is not right. May it be an incorrect latch, infection, biting or just the plain ol' "getting acquainted period." I will be honest....I had some nipple issues with Pooker. The girl did not know how to suck. PERIOD. She had no idea what to do or even how to do it. We had improper latch issues CONSTANTLY! My nipples were bruised... I am talking purple and black! I had some cracks (luckily no bleeding....THANK YOU!) and I did use my Lanolin cream. So I have kinda "been there.... done that." But to me... this ad is kinda scary. Using the word "torture" while talking about breastfeeding..... WHOA Mummie! I am sure there are a good number of Mummie's who would classify breastfeeding as torture.... but to promote your BREASTFEEDING related item AND use the word "torture"..... to me that is not the best way to reach out to your potential clients..... IF YOU ARE SCARING THEM AWAY!

Now I am not saying that I would have rethought breastfeeding, if I saw this ad before my Nummie Lovers were born. 'Cause it would not have made me re think that, not one bit. BUT I think it would have put the fear of pain in me! But I am sure that if you are on the fence, regarding breastfeeding, this might be enough to tip you to the "NO CAN DO" side. OR you might find yourself buying all the stock in this company that you can afford.

Either way..... for me...... I give an A+ on creativity (Come on.... the whole page stuck together until you tear it apart and Nummie Lover is holding "the nipple" in his mouth. That is creative! .... but an F- on the wording. Using the word "torture" is in bad taste.... pun intended!

Sound off Mummies....... are you against this ad, semi for it (like me) or for it 100%?



  1. I completely agree with your theories here! 'Ripping the nipple off' is very extreme. I get the point of the ad and it's very funny, but jeesh we don't need anyone being scared away! With my 1st I had 2 weeks of pretty tough pain and only 1 week with my 2nd - but I also attribute that to the 'getting acquainted or re-acquainted period'. After that it's bliss :)

    1. Thanks Hannah! Yes there is a period of learning.... a new nummie lover has to learn as well as a new Mummie. Once everyone has gotten "the hang of it" it can be so beautiful! :-)

  2. The country which this was advertised in is a very literal country. So if they are marketed to use cream before and after they will. And in some cases they might not necessarily need it. Which we know that if you apply too much moisture to an area it can lead to infection and in the case of breast feeding can lead to thrush or yeast infections. And in turn this causes an obstacle for nursing mothers who may just throw in the towel too soon. Clever ad, very artistic but for the long run in a consumer stance may not hold water.


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