Thursday, February 9, 2012

Georgia Nurse-In

Earlier in the week, I posted about a Mummie who makes Nummies, Nirvana and the Georgia Statewide Nurse-In. But I wanted to go a little deeper into that story.

You would expect the safest place to be is a church. You would expect the church to be accepting. You, however, would NOT expect the people within the church to "kick" you out, compare you to a stripper, and threaten to call the cops........ all because you were BREASTFEEDING your baby.

Well...... that is just what happened, a few months back, to Nirvana Jennette. No.... you did not read that incorrectly.... but please feel free to re-read it.....a few times...... makes you more angry each time you read it.... doesn't it? OHHHHH but it gets worse....much worse.

Nirvana decided to call her local police station and ask what would happen, if in fact the church called the police. She ended up calling two police departments. BOTH had HIGHLY upsetting answers. One police department said they WOULD cite her if someone complained about her breastfeeding and they would let a judge figure it out. The second department said that it all depended on which officer arrived at the scene if she would be arrested or charged with "Public Indecency." Nirvana has told me that the officers she spoke with (over the phone) were very nice, but the Sheriff's Department mentioned that the law is completely "subjective", but unless the woman was "running around with her shirt off squirting people with breastmilk, they would not arrest her"...... but the officer did express "concern" if other children were present. Yes.... the state of Georgia has laws protecting breastfeeding mothers.... but it seems as though they are not enough.

This story is hitting the local news stations like WILD FIRE! (As it should!) Here is a video interview with Nirvana telling her story (be on the look out for the paper flyers, two ladies are holding toward the end... I made those! Mummie's Nummies is semi famous! Hehe)

In another interview, Nirvana said "If we are supposed to be in a land of choices, equal rights, why should I stay home or be shunned or put off into a corner because I'm choosing what I think is the best thing for my baby." She also brought up a great point saying, "If we're going to be threatened with you know, you're going to be arrested for breast feeding that is a big deterrent to breast feed."

If the fear of being arrested, while feeding your Nummie lover WHILE out shopping one day, is in your head..... chances are you will be too afraid to breastfeed! OR you will be too afraid to go shopping....... Oh no! Baby will need to eat and I will be shopping.... I don't want to get arrested.... what do I do?! Either a ton of babies will be screaming, out of hunger, or the economy will take an even bigger DIVE since breastfeeding mothers will be too afraid to go shopping (meaning spend money) with their breastfed baby!

As of right now, there are three Nurse-In locations planned (with more in the making.) Below is one of the flyers for the event. One news outlet has said that there will be upward of 300-400 participants at the Atlanta and Savannah locations!

There is a petition, to help establish legislative change for the State of Georgia. Please (PLEASE) sign this petition. There is strength in numbers, I know we can right this wrong....... We just need everyone to help. This is not just a state of Georgia issue. This is an issue in every state, in every part of the world. Georgia can be a starting point.........we can be the first domino to set off the rest of the pack!

Will you help us? Will you be part of this? Will you help current and future breastfeeding mothers feel safe, help them know that they ARE protected, that they do not need to be fearful of being arrested.... just for the simple act of breastfeeding their baby? Will you stand beside fellow Mummies and their Nummie Lovers?

I know I will.


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