Monday, February 6, 2012

Georgia Statewide Nurse In

We have heard the term MANY times before: Nurse -In.  For breastfeeding Mummie's (past, present and future) the term brings a WAVE of emotion. It means that somewhere out there, a fellow Mummie was either harassed or mistreated while giving her little nummie Lover some Nummies. This can bring out the "Mama Bear" in all of us. But instead of directing it to our Nummie Lovers.... it is directed to the Mummie who needs us.

The term "Nurse -In" is pretty simple. It is a way for breastfeeding supporters to spread education about breastfeeding in public. Most states have laws protecting mothers who NIP (Nurse In Public) but not all states. The ones that do have these "protective" laws may not even enforce them. Which makes the law pointless.

Take a fellow Georgian, (I say "fellow" because we live in the same state) Nirvana. She was told to leave her church (because she was breastfeeding.) She was then told by her local police department that she could possibly be arrested for nursing in public; that the law is subjective.

Then take Cassie, also a fellow Georgian. Cassie was horribly harassed while breastfeeding inside her local Walmart.

Sadly, these kinds of events happen all of the time, all around our county and around the world. It is not right and it needs to change. It takes people who are willing to stand up to help make a change, people like Emma Kwasnica, Jessica Lister,  and Michelle Hickman. I am HAPPY to add Nirvana and Cassie to that list. Here is why:

We (I say "we" for a reason... and I will explain why in a bit.) are creating a statewide Nurse-In for the state of Georgia. In March 2012, a Nurse-In is planned for many parts of Georgia. We are gathering at courthouses and other state buildings in multiple Georgia counties. Our goals are simple:

*To establish legislative change in the State of Georgia, so that breastfeeding is exempt from all claims of public indecency. (The way public indecency legislation is currently written and left open to interpretation a mother could be arrested for indecent exposure. Currently Georgia state law allows a mother to nurse her child anywhere that mother and child have permission to be, but a law without enforcement protects no one.) New legislation shall also provide for a civil protective action for anyone subjecting a nursing mother to harassment or discrimination in violation of the current breastfeeding state law as well as protecting the mother from all indecent exposure laws.

*To have an official statement from the Governor in full support of breastfeeding and that the government supports mothers to do this in any way the mother is comfortable.

*To support various other organizations that normalize breastfeeding in all aspects of life (Mummie's Nummies, You Can Breastfeed Here, and North West Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition to name a few.)

There is a petition (that I hope all of My Mummies will sign, regardless of where you live) to help gain support, as well as a Facebook Group Your State Nurse-In, where you can go for more information.

Now for the"WE" part. I am HAPPILY involved in this Statewide Nurse-In! Below is the flyer I created for the Georgia Statewide Nurse-In. These flyers will be handed out to spread the word about the Nurse-In.

And these flyers (below) will be handed out, at each location, to the members of the Legislatures. 


Mummies.... we need your help. Not just those of us who live in Georgia.... but every Mummie.... everywhere. If we can make the Law more supportive here...... other states will (hopefully) follow! Spread the word, sign the petition, share this post, share the flyers, contact your Legislature. Do what ever you can.

You all rock, but you already knew that!



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