Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oprah Winfrey and Breastfeeding

WOW! I never thought, not in a million years, I would say what I am about to say. (Well okay.... type.) I am about as Giddy as I can get when you combine a celeb and breastfeeding. Okay... so are you ready? Ready to read what I never thought I would EVER type.... I mean the thought has never entered my brain... but I am about to type it....right.....now........

Oprah Winfrey is seen holding a Georgia Statewide Nurse-In Flyer (the flyers yours truly created)!!!!!!!! That is correct Mummies...... Oprah Winfrey is seen supporting breastfeeding! "Oh but where is the proof" you say? Here comes the real giddy part..... I have not one....... but FIVE proofs!

So here is the story. Last week, Oprah Winfrey visited Kingsland, Georgia for her LoveTown, USA celebration. The head "Mummie" of The Georgia Statewide Nurse-In, Nirvana, and her little Nummie Lovin' daughter went to the celebration. When Oprah Winfrey came up to greet them,  Nirvana's little daughter handed her one of our flyers..... Oprah took it and KEPT it...... and we have the pictures to prove it.

This is so exciting, for everyone involved. To have someone, as well known as Oprah Winfrey, have one of our flyers......the possibilities that could mean for our cause. For EVERY woman's cause to breastfeed in public.... without the fear or threats of being arrested.

As you know, I am working with the ladies to help make a change in our home state. But our home state (as Peachy as Georgia is... pun intended) is not alone. So many other states have a breastfeeding "protective law", that is either not ENFORCED or is found to be "subjective." OR have no law at all to protect breastfeeding Mummies. This is not just our fight, it is not just a state of Georgia problem. It is a national problem.

I am asking for help mummies. Will you sign our petition? Will you help us change our legislature? Will you help us prevent another Mummie being told she "could" be arrested for breastfeeding in public?



  1. ye gods, georgia! here - pass this to your law-makers: "recently, scientists have discovered an amazing function of the human boobie. apparently, they can save lives and reduce medical bills by reducing infant mortality, lower health care costs of mothers and babies, AND lower the overall economic burden carried by those who can afford it least! amazing! please google breastfeeding for more info"

  2. Yay that is awesome! I bet your so proud to see her with your fliers.

  3. perhaps she needed toilet paper.


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