Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Big Latch On 2012

Last year I hosted The Big Latch On, in my home town, for World Breastfeeding Week. I had an absolute BLAST! I have to be honest and tell you that I was nervous no one would show! I was worried about how the community would respond to the event. Now, there were some comments (people who commented on local articles about the event) that were....well.... not so supportive. BUT we had so many positive comments too! We actually had 68 people attend and 27 mummies latch on! I was amazed at the amount of people who showed up. I was humbled that this event that I decided to host, was supported by so many. We had Mummies who drove two hours, nursing next to local Mummies. We had food from a local bakery and from our local Publix grocery store. We had goody bags PACKED full with goodies, door prizes, two local news media outlets attended, and even the local chapter of The Le Leche League came out! It was such an awe-inspiring event, for me.

I was SO touched.... that I have decided to host it again, this year!!!!! I am in the beginning phase of planning The Big Latch On in Cartersville, GA.... but I am so excited! I have BIG plans for this years event! I am planning on having areas for local vendors, an indoor location, t-shirts for Mummie and Nummie Lover, and we will be spreading the word EARLIER and to more places! My goal is to have even more people attend!!!! We already have some great Sponsors lined up! Check out our Event Page on Facebook for more details!

If you are interested in sponsoring our event, please contact me at

To find a Big Latch On location near you, check out the event location list.

Who is ready for World Breastfeeding Week?! Remember.... it is all about support and standing together!


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