Monday, March 19, 2012

Breastfeeding Weaning Weight Gain

It has been said that breastfeeding is a great way to lose the baby weight. Since a Mummie will burn up to 500 extra calories, a day, some find themselves back to pre-nummie lover weight in no time.

My body did not get that memo, after we had Pooker. I gained 42 pounds with her (all in the first 7 months mind you!) and I was still 15 pounds away from my Pre-Pooker weight when we got pregnant with Kit Kat (Pooker was 11 months at the time.)

BUT with Kit Kat.... my body GOT the "shed the pregger pounds" memo and by the time she was 12 months I was FINALLY at my Pre- Pooker weight! (Only took two babies to get there!)

But you see, there is one little tid bit of info that they forget to mention. SURE breastfeeding CAN be a great weight loss tactic..... but they do not mention what CAN happen when the Nummie Lover begins to wean! Sure... I have heard the phrase "You will loss the last 10 pounds when you stop breastfeeding"....and I was EXCITED! Could I be at my Pre-Wedding weight after 6 years?! (I was my smallest then, weighing 145.. but looking back at our wedding pics I was pretty darn skinny.... so I would be happy at 150-155 lbs.) BUT I just don't see that happening!

Here I am, Kit Kat is down to 1.5 feedings a day (1.5 feedings... kinda funny..... but she will only nurse on one side at nappy time... so I consider that a half feeding.) and I find myself creeping up to where I was BEFORE I got pregnant with Kit Kat!  (OHHHHHH the humanity!) Yeah, my body didn't get THAT memo either! Now, please do not get me wrong.... I LOVE muffins... and the "muffin top" is my favorite part....... ON THE MUFFIN NOT ON MY HIPS!

I decided to try my "salad for lunch" diet.... (It had worked in the past......pre-wedding diet!) I figured "Heck it worked 6 years ago, so why not now?" Well........ after two weeks of not snacking and having a salad for lunch, I weighed myself. NO CHANGE! Nada, zilch! Say WHAT??!!

So I did what any "upset over weight loss failure/weight gain" Mummie would do.... I raided the girl's snack section in the pantry! Cookies, gummies, pudding snacks.... You name.... I ate it!

Then the guilt set in. So I then did what any "guilt ridden, upset over weight loss failure/weight gain" Mummie would do........ I searched my Netflix account for workout streaming videos! (Oh yes I did.) Who knew Netflix had so many workout videos! I added 4 (okay FIVE) videos to my queue and plan on working out (and I don't mean Sweatin' to the Oldie's") starting TODAY. I don't want to have an audience when I am sweating it up to my "Fat Blasting Dance Mix" or my "Kickbox Bootcamp" I will workout during nap time... when no one can laugh it up at my expense!

So beginning on TODAY, I will break out my old dance outfits (I was a long time competitive dancer when I was younger. So not being able to lose weight is a new thing for me.) I will be busting out my tight black pants and my leg warmers. But I will leave my Pointe Shoes in the closet.

Wish me luck Mummies!



  1. Good luck. Funny thing--I started the Couch to 5K program again TODAY!

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