Monday, March 12, 2012

Coffee or cream?

There are some days when a simple comment is enough to get you laughing for the whole day. Most of the time, these kind of comments are few and far between. But in the past few days I have had TWO such comments!

I had an amazing surprise this weekend. My good friend, of 11 years, drove 6 hours (with her hubby to be and their 1.5 year old *former Nummie Lover*) and rang my door bell! **Annelle.... I want a copy of that video you took of me answering the door!** (My husband knew about the visit...... kept it a pretty good secret too!) I bawled my eyes out.... the last time I saw them was almost 2 years ago at her baby shower (when I SURPRISED her....) She told me that this visit was "pay back." It was the BEST pay back ever!

So Saturday morning I was nursing Kit Kat, in my bed. I heard my friend say "Knock, knock. Where are your towels?" I told her to come on in and that Kit Kat was "having her coffee." She giggled and we talked for a bit, while Kit Kat enjoyed her morning Nummies. Later that morning I told my husband about the coffee comment and he said "Was she having coffee or creamer?" That got us all laughing!

Then this morning, while she was having her "creamer" she unlatched and said "I want other side. This milk is all gone."

I am still giggling about that one.

Do you have any comments that have helped you laugh through the day?


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