Friday, April 27, 2012

Earth Day Foto Friday

"Foto" Friday is a play on phrase for Photo Friday. I take a million pictures each week, well maybe not a million...... but A LOT! So I thought it would be nice to share my favorite picture from the week. Each Friday, I will post one picture and each "Foto" will include a small caption. Some pictures will be related to breastfeeding, while others will not. I hope you enjoy "Foto Friday!" Do you like "Foto" Friday? Well come on over to our facebook page and our Facebook Group "Mummies Nummies Group" and join in! I love seeing your "Fotos."

Last weekend we celebrated Earth Day! We went for a nature walk in our subdivision and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL day! 

I created this scrapbook page using my My Memories Scrapbook Program. This page was a FREEBIE! Yupp!!! They have a ton of free pages and downloads you can use and keep!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Night Time Weaning

**Update: This post is about night time breastfeeding weaning. If you have a toddler, who is breastfeeding during the night and you feel it is time to wean from those feedings, then this post might be helpful. I am NOT saying that you have to night time wean, I am just giving you an idea of how to do it, if you choose to. Breastfeeding is not "one size fits all" and what works for one Mummie may not work for another. If you and your toddler are content with night time nursing then you may not need to read this. Some Mummies have shown interest in night time weaning (gently), so I decided to do some research for them. I stand by what I post here on Mummie's Nummies, as it comes from my heart. As always, do what makes you and your Nummie Lover comfortable and what you feel is right for you and your Nummie Lover. My goal, with Mummie's Nummies, is to offer non-judgmental support. Either way, you all ROCK!**

It is no secret that most babies do not sleep "all" night. Well, the adult version of "all" night. See, most adults consider "all" night to be 8 or more hours of sleep.....but a Nummie Lover believes "all" night to be 5 hours of sleep. I will be honest (hate me if you want *wink wink*) both of my girls were sleeping "all" night (the adult version) at 4 weeks and 7 weeks old. Yeah, yeah...... we were CRAZY lucky!

Although we did not co-sleep, both of my girls slept in our room (in their bassinet, attached to my side of the bed.) We transitioned Pooker into her room (and her crib) at 8 months old, when she decided that she would refuse to fall asleep if she could see her Mummie. Kit Kat only made it 4 months (in our room), due to her LOUD talking in her sleep. (When I say LOUD..... I mean LOUD! How she did not wake herself up is still a mystery to me!)

Now since they were sleeping "all" night at such a young age, we never had to think about night time weaning.......they simply just never woke up to enjoy some Nummies. But that does not mean that they were "normal" nummie lovers. Whether you are a co-sleeping (aka Family Bed) family or not...... night time Nummies is common. What is even more common is for a Nummie Lovin' toddler (12 months and up) to be waking up MULTIPLE times a night to help his or her self to the all night bar (That would be you.) Now... this can make for SLEEPY (or EXHAUSTED) Mummies (and Daddies)........ think:

I want to be clear.... there is NOTHING wrong with a Nummie Lover nursing during the night and if you are happy nursing during the night.... then all power to you. But (in most cases) a toddler does not "need" some Nummies, during the night...... she/he most likely WANTS the Nummies...... According to Dr. Jay Gordon (The doctor I am mentioning below) "One-year-old babies can easily go for those seven hours (or more) with no calories. They like to get fed a little through the night, but physiologically and nutritionally, this is not a long time to go without food." 

Personally I WANT to eat chocolate all day long...... but I don't NEED to. (So NOT comparing breastmilk to chocolate... even though both are SUPER yummy!)

There is a pediatrician who is a breastmilk Guru of sorts..... Many parents turn to him in time of need.... and MANY have found his night time weaning tips very helpful and non "aggressive." Doctor Jay Gordon is not the only doctor to offer up his methods. There is also Richard Ferber, the Weissbluth Method and Doctor Jack Newman

For the sake of this post.... we will talk about Dr. Gordon's method.

Dr Gordon's sleep method is geared toward toddlers (12 months and older) who are night nursing and parents who would like to sleep "all" night. If you are considering Night Time Weaning, this method might work for you. But if at ANY time you feel you just can not carry on, by all means STOP and try again in a couple of months. There is no harm in your Nummie Lover night nursing and do not let anyone tell you other wise. Your Nummie Lover will not be night nursing in College (no matter what people tell you).... do not let others tell you what is best for you and your Nummie Lover. But that being said: if you find that you are ready to try night time weaning, here is what Dr Gordon recommends. The following is Dr. Jay Gordon's method.... in his words:

For the first 3-4 nights: 
*Choose the most valuable seven hours of sleep for yourselves. For example: 11p.m. through 6 a.m. 
*At any time before 11 p.m. (including 10:58) nurse to sleep, snuggle and nurse when he/she wakes up and nurse him/her back to sleep, but stop offering nursing to sleep as the solution to waking after 11 p.m.. Instead…..

When your baby awakens at midnight or any other time after 11 p.m., hug him/her, nurse him/her for a short time but make sure he/she does not fall asleep on the breast and put him/her down awake. Rub and pat and snuggle a little until he/she falls asleep but don’t put him/her back on the breast (or give him/her a bottle if that’s what you’ve been doing). He/she must fall asleep with your comfort beside him/her, but not having to nurse to feel comforted enough to drift off.

Now, he/she will tell you that he/she is angry and intensely dislikes this new routine. (He/she is telling the truth!) He/she will also try to tell you that he/she is scared.  A baby who’s had hundreds of nights in a row of snuggling is not scared of falling asleep with your hand on his/her back and your voice in his/her ear. Angry, yes. Scared, no, not really.

During these first three nights, repeat this pattern only after he/she has slept. He/she might sleep for fifteen minutes or he/she might sleep for four hours, but he/she has to go to sleep and reawaken to get snuggled and fed again.

During these first three nights, between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., snuggle and feed short, put him/her down awake, rub, pat, talk until he/she falls asleep and repeat this cycle only after he/she has slept and reawakened. At 6:01 a.m., do whatever you have been doing as a morning routine ignoring the previous seven hours’ patterns. Many babies will roll over, nurse and snuggle back to sleep and give you an extra hour or so. Some won’t.

The second 3 nights
*Do as above.... BUT do not nurse him/her. Snuggle, rub and pat and put back down awake. Putting him/her down awake is a crucial part of this whole endeavor because it really does teach him/her to fall asleep with a little less contact and then a little less. Not feeding is the big change during these three nights. One-year-old babies can easily go for those seven hours (or more) with no calories. They like to get fed a little through the night, but physiologically and nutritionally, this is not a long time to go without food.

The next 4 nights
*Nights seven, eight, nine and ten. Don’t pick him/her up, don’t hug him/her. When he/she awakens after 11 p.m., talk to him/her, touch him/her, talk some more, but don’t pick him/her up. Rub and pat only. No feeding either, obviously. He/she will fall back to sleep. Repeat the rubbing and talking when he/she reawakens. By the end of the ninth night, he/she will be falling back to sleep, albeit reluctantly for some babies and toddlers, with only a rub and a soothing voice.

*After these first ten nights, continue to snuggle and feed to sleep if you like and he/she wants to, but do nothing when he/she wakes up except to touch a little and talk to him/her briefly. This may continue for another three or four nights but occasionally keeps going for another week or more. Then . . . it stops. He/she has learned that he/she is just as well-loved, gets virtually everything he/she needs and wants all day, but must give seven hours per night back to his/her parents and family.

Dr. Gordon's method is one of many....... Please remember: if you feel you and your Nummie Lover are not ready for night time weaning, do not hesitate to stop and re try later on. Also, if this method does not work for you, try another one. Or if you are not ready to night time wean at all.... then don't. The most important thing to remember is that you are not "hurting" your Nummie Lover either way. 


Friday, April 20, 2012

Foto Friday

"Foto" Friday is a play on phrase for Photo Friday. I take a million pictures each week, well maybe not a million...... but A LOT! So I thought it would be nice to share my favorite picture from the week. Each Friday, I will post one picture and each "Foto" will include a small caption. Some pictures will be related to breastfeeding, while others will not. I hope you enjoy "Foto Friday!" Do you like "Foto" Friday? Well come on over to our facebook page and our Facebook Group "Mummies Nummies Group" and join in! I love seeing your "Fotos."

Today Pooker's class went to visit our local Fire Station. It was sooooo much fun!!!!!! Pooker got to dress like a real Fire Fighter and Kit Kat was brave enough to sit in the Fire Truck!

I created this scrapbook page using my My Memories Scrapbook Program. This page was a FREEBIE! Yupp!!! They have a ton of free pages and downloads you can use and keep!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Babies Bonded Forever GIVEAWAY

Giveaway is CLOSED. Congrats to Tanya!!!!!

So you know how much I LOVE to give to my "Mummies"...... and it has been a while since we did a giveaway. So who is ready for A GIVEAWAY??!!

Babies Bonded Forever is an online "store" of sorts, that focuses on breastfeeding, bonding, and high quality products. Babies Bonded Forever was created by Celest Winfrey, mother of three Nummie Lovers (all breastfed past one year!) Celest has been a Health Educator, Certified Lactation Educator and Peer Counselor through WIC and became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 2010.  She decided to start Babies Bonded Forever because she is "a firm believer in rekindling the instinctual tradition of breastfeeding that women have some how lost throughout the years." 

From My Breast Friend nursing wedges , Moby Wraps to Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers...... You can find just about everything you will need (well.... and WANT) at Babies Bonded Forever!

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Yes, we do. Once the winner is selected, we will check to verify valid entry. If it isn’t, we’ll start the process over.  (But I don't want to do that.... so please make sure you follow the rules.)

That's all Mummies! Good luck!!!!!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Greatest Pregnancy Ever

Hi Mummies! I am excited to have Laurel Wilson as a special guest blogger today! Laurel is co-author of The Greatest Pregnancy Ever: Keys to the Mother baby Bond.

Who hasn’t felt stressed during their pregnancy?  During both of my pregnancies, I suffered both routine stressors, too much to do and too little time to do it all, as well as acute and intense stressors, which included moving from home to live in Guam which had just been struck by the worst typhoon in a decade and looked like a warzone.  Nevertheless, I had an inner knowledge that I needed to keep peaceful because my baby was counting on me.  I had a sense that my inner life affected how he would grow.  I braved the broken glass in the streets and worn out look of the locals and went to the beach most every day. I held my belly, sang to my baby, breathed deeply and focused on trying to be as present and connected as I could possibly be.  Terrified as I was to be 5000 miles from my family, living on a military base surrounded by strangers, I focused on what I did have that was grounding and comforting – cuddling with my husband, looking at pictures from home, smelling baking banana bread.

Today there is a body of evidence to show that my gut was right.  Stress impacts the health of the baby, the pregnancy and the mother.  While short term stress that is relieved quickly is proven to have benefits for the growing baby, the type of stress that mother’s encounter today is not normal and can change the way the baby reacts to its new world when she is born.  Short bursts of stress that are quickly resolved tell the baby that life has bumps in the road but it’s all going to be okay.  It creates stress hardiness in the baby. In fact, the slight normal increase in the mom’s stress hormone cortisol in the last two weeks of pregnancy actually prepares the baby to come into the world.  It accelerated the baby’s brain development and is associated with better motor and developmental skills at age two.

What is not healthy for the mother and baby is unrelenting, chronic stress.  Unfortunately, many mothers today are chronically stressed.  They live their lives constantly on the go, jumping from task to task, engaged in activity from sun up until they drop in to bed in state of exhaustion well past sun down. This environment of stress impacts mothers’ ability to sleep (which also effects their risk of developing postpartum mood and anxiety disorders), the blood flow to the placenta, and increases the risk of preterm delivery.
There is plenty of documentation now that both chronic and severe/acute stress change baby’s brain development.  The Children of the 90’s study has shown that children exposed to chronic stress prenatally have significantly more behavioral problems and emotional disturbances as children.

So what is today’s mom to do? With the increasing pressures of today, how do we lighten our load? The good news is that it’s actually quite simple to help the body relieve stress.  Below is a list of proven techniques that ANY pregnant mother can use to relieve the effects of stress:
Yawn.  Yes, yawn. Repeated yawning resets the brain, releases our “happy” hormones and helps the body process cortisol.  Ever notice how you feel the need to yawn when you need to pay attention but just can’t find the energy?  Yawning is like a natural, gentle boost to our brain.  It helps us feel better.
Move!  Talk a 10 minute walk, swim for half and hour, dance to your favorite music in the living room after you get home from work, take a prenatal yoga class!  Movement improves circulation, releases beta-endorphins and releases stress!  What? You are on bed rest? Do deep breathing. Circle your ankles and wrists, do some static stretching.
Smile and laugh.  Have your best friends over for tea and giggle! Better yet, ask them make the tea and have you over, you are the pregnant momma after all! Watch your or favorite funny movie with your partner.  Do things that make you HAPPY!!!! Laughter is one of the best antidotes for stress.
Nap.  Allowing yourself to get at a minimum of 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night and having just one 10 minute nap a day helps everyone deal with stress better.  Getting the brain into the delta state of relaxation allows for body rejuvenation and improved immune functioning. Take an eye mask and your iPod to work and instead of talking at the water cooler during your break, lean back, close your eyes and rest deeply for ten minutes.
So while you may not be able to remove your stressors during pregnancy, you can help remove their effects from your body. Laurel’s Rx for a happier, healthier, cooing baby: yawn a bit, take two bursts of laughter, nap for ten minutes and call me for tea in the morning!

Laurel Wilson has been working with families during the childbearing year for over sixteen years as a doula, childbirth and lactation educator, prenatal yoga instructor and board certified lactation consultant. She is also the executive Director for Lactation Programs with CAPPA and is the co-author of  book, The Greatest Pregnancy Ever: Keys to the MotherBaby Bond available online, in the Amazon Bookstore and on Kindle.

You can purchase this AWESOME book from Amazon by clicking the following links:

 and for Kindle owning Mummies you can buy your digital copy here:



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You ask....I answer

I never really imagined that Mummie's Nummies would turn into such a close group of Mummies. Our Facebook Page is pushing 1,000 Mummies and Daddies......and our closed Facebook Group has created some AMAZING friendships. I have gotten to know so many Mummies and I LOVE it each and every day! I have joined in on the excitement of new nummie lover news, big milestones, weaning experiences, happy and sad moments.... not to mention WEATHER related scares! I thought it would only be fair to open up a Q&A of sorts. So I gave Mummies a week to ask me questions... not really knowing what you all were going to come up with.... I was a bit nervous! Please keep in mind that my answers are mine alone...... how I answer your questions work for my family. I am a HUGE researcher, so every decision we make for our family is not made lightly. What works for us may not work for everyone. I am just a normal Mummie, who strives to do the best for her family. If you do not see your question or have another one.... please feel free to comment on this post and I will do what I can to answer yours!

What about your exposure to breastfeeding before kids, & how it formed your opinions/expectations when you were preparing the breast feed your girls?

I was about 19 years old when I first saw someone breastfeeding. I was working at a daycare (props to one year old teachers!!!) and was "visiting" the infant room. One of my co workers was sitting on the floor with a blanket on, talking to another teacher. I asked her if she was "cold", she giggled and said "nope, just feeding Kira." I remember thinking "Wow! That is awesome." (Kinda sad that THAT was my first experience.... but hey what can I say?) I can not say the exact moment when I knew I was going to breastfeed my children.....I can not even tell you that I came across negative reactions to breastfeeding.... I grew up with NO experiences. I remember when I was pregnant with Pooker, I got asked (A LOT) if I was going to breastfeed. My instant answer was "yes, as long as I am able to, then I am." The next question was (almost ALWAYS following) "How long are you going to breastfeed?" I never really thought about it before someone first asked me that. It was kind of odd to me that someone was asking me a question that I never thought about. It never crossed my mind "how long" I was going to breastfeed.... but I felt I HAD to give some sort of answer... so I always answered "1 year." 

While I was pregnant with Kit Kat, I found myself getting asked the same questions. But this time my answer to the "how long" question was ALWAYS "My goal is 2 years or until she is done with me." I am not sure if it was the fact that Pooker and I were 1 month shy of our 1 year goal or if I was simply better educated. But I was very determined to make it to our 2 year goal, with Kit Kat.

Pooker had to stop breastfeeding at 11 months, not her choice or mine. But I will get to that in a second.

What do you do when your baby weans and you miss bf'ing?

This one is a bit hard for me. Pooker never really weaned and neither of us were ready to stop. I am high risk while pregnant, we have lost a total of 3 babies. Our first two lost at 9 weeks and 6 weeks, while our third was lost at 4 weeks while I was pregnant with Kit Kat. (I will get into this in a little bit as well.) So when my OBGYN told me I had to stop breastfeeding (I was cramping, bleeding and clotting pretty bad and we were concerned we would lose Kit Kat like her twin) I was shocked. It never crossed my mind that I would have to stop breastfeeding Pooker. Kit Kat was EVEN planned...... to be honest I never even considered the whole "breastfeeding thing" when we got pregnant with Kit Kat. At that time Pooker was nursing 6 times a day (every day!).... so needless to say it was a HUGE shock to both of us. We managed with a ton of snuggles (although thanks to pregnancy hormone supplements I needed to take.... touching my SUPER engorged and SUPER painful breasts was HORRENDOUS! It brought me to my knees if I brushed up against them!) But within 2 weeks I was no longer engorged and I was dried up. The whole process was emotionally harder on me than on Pooker. I had a pretty good frozen stash built up... so she got through the next 3 weeks with breastmilk/formula mixed bottles....  after the first two days she seemed adjusted WAY better than me! I on the other hand, felt like I failed her horribly. But that was all the nasty hormones talking! I know now I gave her the best 11 months I could, even with all of her health issues. We had 11 solid months of breastmilk goodness! 

Now the thought of Kit Kat weaning is SCARY!!!!! Ask me this question again when she decides she is "done" with me! I might be a horrendous mess! hehe.

Before you were married, did you ever imagine what having kids was like, did you think about breastfeeding them?

I went to school for Early Childhood Education and have worked with children (1 year to school aged) all of my working life.  I thought  I knew what having children would be like. OMG! I was so wrong! It is TOTALLY different when it is YOUR child and not one of your "students."Knowing that your child is the one crying is TOTALLY heart breaking! Knowing it is your child that needs YOU..... you fly in like Super Woman without even thinking. Being a teacher vs being a parents is a bit different. I do not get any "breaks" as a parent. There are no "Hey Sally, I am taking a 10 minute break" or "Hey ladies I am heading to lunch." There is no "pick up time" no "quitting time." You are ON every single minute of the day. So I guess that was my major surprise. But yes, I knew before we got married that I would breastfeed.... even my husband had mentioned it. It was more like "hey when you breastfeed....." there was no question. Although it is weird looking back as we never really discussed it! But I guess that is a great description of us together..... we are most of the time on the same thought pattern.

How long have you known what you would name your kids when you had them?

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Normally I use the girl's nick names when I mention them. (And we really do call them by those names!) But since this question is about their names..... Let's see... we have Joslyn Olivia, also known as Pooker. Then there is Katelyn Isabel, also known as Kit Kat. 

For Joslyn's name.... I had it picked out since HIGH SCHOOL! (No joke!) I was one of the first ones to demo the "Baby Think It Over"doll in my high school. (Even have a newspaper clipping of me holding her!) I named her Joslyn back then. I have ALWAYS been in love with the name... although I spelled it differently then. The "new updated" spelling was my husband's idea. Her middle name (Olivia) means peace. Joslyn was our 3rd pregnancy in 11 months. When we found out she was...well a she.... we picked her middle name as a way to fit what she would bring us.......peace. Her initials are (and yes this was planned) J.O.S (also the first 3 letters of her first name.)

For Katelyn's name.... that was all my husband! I told him he could name her if she was... well.... a her. As we already had a boy name picked out (HA! Don't ask.... that one will remain hush hush) I thought it would be fair to have him have a go since I would not waver on Joslyn's name. Katelyn's middle name is Isabel...... which would make her initials (and yes.. planned as well) K.I.S...... for all the kisses she would be getting!

Both names were decided when we found out we were pregnant..... we did not wait until we found out the sex of the girls in order to name them. It was more fun to say "Hi there Joslyn/Katelyn" when I was on the ultra sound bed, finding out we were having a girl.

Since Kit Kat isn't a "baby" have you ever got negative reactions about "still" breast feeding? How did/do you handle them?

Kit Kat is 28 months old and yes.... she is a Nummie LOVER! She does not eat in public....since she only nurses first thing in the morning and right before nap. BUT with that said... I do sometimes catch negative reactions when people find out that she is "still" nursing. Most of the time it is from some family, but I am the only one who has breastfed for "this long".... so I kind of expected it. When something is mentioned I simply say "yeah, she is nursing two times a day" and when they ask for how much longer, I say "when she is ready to stop." Then if the comments continue I will just smile and say "she loves it" and then that typically ends the conversation (sometimes with a few "icky looks.") Sometimes.... Kit Kat will "go after" other "nummie makers" regardless if they are retired "nummie makers".. to her they should all be in working order! That will get a "OH MY GOSH" reaction.. and when I respond with "she is a bit obsessed"... then the eyes get huge (like buggin' out huge) and a free hand proceeds to cover the boobs. Dude... she is not going to latch on to YOU...... so I am sure you will be fine. I try to educate people when I can, other than that I lay on the "sweet tone" and that will normally stop the conversation. Now I am sure stuff is said behind my back..... but I can not stop that. 

When you nip do you use a cover? Why so or why not?

I used a cover with Pooker... simply for the fact she did not mind it and I felt comfortable. I had turned a baby blanket she got (from her stay at Children's Health Care of Atlanta) into a nursing blanket by sewing on Velcro. I had her name and birth date embroidered on one corner of it and Kit Kat's name and birth date on the other corner. I tried (really tried) to use the same cover for Kit Kat.... but bless her heart she wanted NOTHING to do with it! With Kit Kat we just used her "snuggly" (her little blanket she snuggled with) to shield her... but that was more to shield from the sun as I had to hold it FAR out from her or she would FLIP OUT! I also felt more at ease with Kit Kat. I had more experience breastfeeding her and had more confidence in my ability... so not covering up was okay with me.

To me.... cover or not..... it is totally up to the Mummie and Nummie Lover. Not every child will let you block out their environment. It is in their nature to be curious and observant. No one should be judged, asked to cover or to move. It will be ten mins... 20 mins tops! Just chill out and let the Mummie feed her baby. I promise EVERYONE will be happier in the end!

What do you think of the way most hospitals educate moms after they have their babies?

I can only speak from my experience. When we had Pooker, then nurses and most of the staff was wonderful! They respected our choice to breastfeed and not once did Pooker leave our room or our side. The Lactation Consultant was a different story! She spent 3 minutes with us (after I requested her) and said that Pooker had a poor latch, no sucking ability and we needed to stop breastfeeding and do formula. WAHOO! WAIT.. WHAT??!! My husband and I were left looking at each other in pure shock! His exact words were "Well screw her!" We then worked with the nursing staff and taught Pooker how to suck (by training her with a paci.) But when she was transferred to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at 3 days old, Denise (the Lactation Consultant from HEAVEN!) saved our breastfeeding relationship. She stayed with us for HOURS, gave me her cell phone number and told me to call before I fed Pooker. She gave me the confidence in myself and showed me that I was not harming Pooker. I was so afraid to physically breastfed (I was planning on pumping for EVER the moment she was rushed to CHOA) I thought that she would die in my arms while she was breastfeeding. Denise was a flippin' super hero! 

Now with Kit Kat (same hospital) the nursing staff was once again AMAZING! We stayed away from the LC..... and we even impressed the nursing staff. Many of them came into our room to see the "perfect parents" as we didn't call for help, I only called when I needed pain medicine. Kit Kat never cried, my husband never left the room, and as they put it "breastfed like world class champs."

So in my opinion, it all depends on the hospital and the staff. If the staff is not over worked (which I believe the Lactation Consultant was) then it can make all the difference. I hate to think what another Mummie would have done if the LC told them to "stop breastfeeding and use formula." I have said before that I am stubborn (at times HORRIBLY stubborn) so I was not going to let someone tell me to stop breastfeeding my 2 day old baby. Probably made me want to breastfeed even more!!!

What do you think of nipple shields?

I do not hate them or love them. I used them briefly with Pooker. She literally had no sucking ability. She would not open her mouth wide enough (the staff labeled her "closed mouth") and used her tongue to push anything out of her mouth. The nipple shield helped her learn how to latch on.... and helped my Nummie Makers not hate me! Lord a poor latch is KILLER! I say it is worth trying if it will help. But nipple shields are meant as a temporary device, stuck to that I am think you are golden!

What about pacifiers? What do you think of them?

Pacis, in my opinion,  are fine. In most cases (I say MOST) pacis are harmless. BUT there are some cases where it can cause "nipple confusion." Some professionals say not to introduce a paci until 3 months old. Both of my girls got them within the first couple of weeks. One major factor about pacis (that I LOVE) is it can help reduce the risk of SIDS. Since Pooker had breath apnea... SIDS was a real and horrific threat for us. So anything to help reduce the risk was A-OK with me. 

Do you believe that the birth experience adds or subtracts from the breastfeeding journey?

I think that if you go through ANYTHING traumatic, it can affect anything that follows. That goes for birthing and breastfeeding. For me, my birthing experiences were not traumatic (thankfully) but that does not mean other Mummie's have not experienced it. So yes...... I believe some women who experience a negative birth can be affected in many ways.... their breastfeeding relationship being one of them. But with great support and understanding, anything can be achieved.

Homeopathic/home remedies or over the counter medications?

I actually do both. We try to use as much home remedies as we can... but we also use over the counter medicines. I am, however, learning more and homeopathic remedies.... and they are pretty interesting.

What's your opinion on vaccines?

OHHHHH a hot topic! I think vaccines are good and bad. (Weird answer?) We vaccinate our girls.... but we do not choose all vaccines. We do not get any flu vaccine and we have yet to give the MMR vaccine. We also follow Dr Sears alternative vaccine schedule. Once again...... it is all about the research on the parent's part and their choice. You need to follow what your heart tells you and what you feel is right for your family. But, before you choose....... always do your homework and research.

 If your kids could be multi-lingual, what languages would you pick?

That one is interesting! I would have to go with German (for my husband's heritage), French (for my heritage) and Spanish.

Do you use cloth diapers? If so what got you started? Momma cloth? Diva cup?

I did use cloth diapers (with Kit Kat) for almost a year and I loved it! An old high school friend of mine got me started.  I stopped using them when we moved into our house last year and never went back (I don't really know why..... I think I forgot about them!) Sad really... cloth diapers gave Kit Kat the cutest little Fluffy Butt! 

I do use a Diva Cup! I was introduced to them from The Trophy Wife! I was able to do a review and giveaway with them last year and have loved it ever since! I have not tried Momma Cloth....... I think I am good with my Diva-ness!

I'm gonna ask a personal one I know you have angel babies. How did you decided to keep trying to have a baby with the fear it might happen again? 

Near and dear to my heart. Yes, we have three angels babies. Our first baby, "Lima Bean", was lost at 9 weeks. Her (not confirmed to be a girl) heart stopped at 7 weeks..... but my body kept on going for two more weeks before I began to spot. 4 months later we got pregnant again with "Baby Heart". She (not confirmed to be a girl) could not hang on either and left our home at 6 weeks. Then when I was 4 weeks pregnant with Kit Kat I began to clot, bleed and cramp. We lost "Twin" at 4 weeks and Kit Kat had a hard time hanging in there.... I began having preterm contractions at 27 weeks. The contractions kept going until she was born at 40 weeks and 2 days. 

The fear of losing another is a bit more than I might be able to handle. All three about broke me and I am not sure if my body or my spirit can handle another loss. With Kit Kat we just kinda looked at each other and said "Hey wanna try again?" Well darn it if it took that ONE try (on Valentine's Day nonetheless) and WHAM! But her pregnancy was pretty rough..... so I think we both find ourselves thinking "what if" something happens this time? If we knew 100% the pregnancy would be smooth and we would have a healthy baby in the end, we might feel differently. But I can not right off another Nummie Lover.... I just can't. I joke with my husband and say "Check back with me when Kit Kat weans completely. I might be ready for a new nummie lover." His response is ALWAYS a creepy (or scared) giggle. So I don't really know! :-) 

Weight loss and breastfeeding; any experience?

I lost close to NONE with Pooker's breastfeeding journey. I gained 42 lbs with Pooker's pregnancy and lost 22 by the time I got pregnant with Kit Kat.  But with Kit Kat I lost almost ALL. I gained 29 lbs with Kit Kat's pregnancy. And let me tell you I was ECSTATIC! My trusted OB said "I want you to gain 20 pounds with this one. No more 40 pounds!" So I looked at him (on my last visit) and said "I kept to the 20 pound mark!!! Now can I have a cookie?" He laughed at me and said "I  meant 2.0. not 20ish. But yes.... you may have two cookies." I just loved him!

 **Funny side story: When I was in the THICK of my sickness (with Kit Kat) my OB said he would do an ultra sound to make sure all was well (I was 10 weeks along at this point.) I looked at him (all green and pukey mind you) and said "I love you." My husband groaned and said "Man, she hasn't said that to me in weeks." My OB said "Yeah, well I didn't do this to her" put his arms around my shoulders and walked me out of the room. "So there" was my reaction to my husband as I looked over my shoulder and saw him smiling.**

 But (anyways) when she began weaning, I found myself gaining again! That was a shocker! Some women loss it ALL.... some women don't. Sadly... it boils down to every woman is different...... and every journey is different. And when I say journey.... I mean breastfeeding journey. 

I hope I have answered your questions.... but if I have not, please feel free to ask more!

Sorry this post is so long...... you all had some great questions!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Best For Babes Celeb Event

I recently got an email from Bettina Forbes, Co-Founder of Best For Babes Foundation, and I wanted to share it with you! It is no secret that I am a supporter of Best For Babes Foundation. The strides that have made, in the breastfeeding world, is amazing! From beating the "booby traps" to "The miracle isn't the bra" campaign...... Best For Babes Foundation has been an amazing help in normalizing and supporting breastfeeding. Best For Babes is the only mainstream nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of and removing the barriers (The Breastfeeding Booby Traps™) that keep millions of mothers in the U.S. from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals.
Best for Babes

So it was not a huge surprise to me that they got not one.... not two.... but THREE breastfeeding supporting (and breastfeeding "Mummies") Celebrities to help host and promote the first EVER Celeb Breastfeeding Awareness Event! Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston and Laila Ali hosted the event on April 14, which was geared toward expecting and new celeb Mummies. This first time ever event was created to help break down the breastfeeding barriers and raise awareness to the benefits of toxic-free living in raising healthy children.

The event was presented by Leading Lady  and Ameda, two companies who have supported breastfeeding Mummies for 70 years, and of course Best For Babes! The goal is not only to raise awareness, with the Hollywood crowd, but to gain their support as well. Hollywood has been instrumental in raising awareness and bringing about change to MANY pressing health issues....think Michael J Fox and Parkinson's Disease, Bono and The Power of One, Lance Armstrong and Cancer..... the list goes on and on.

The funds raised, during the event, will be used to help develop and launch a new Best for Babes initiative, the Physician Education, Empowerment and Recognition program (MD PEER program). Modeled in part after Baby-Friendly USA, this program is being designed under the guidance of leading physicians who are members of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Breastfeeding, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Medical Association.   The MD PEER program is designed to remove one of the biggest barriers to breastfeeding:  the fact that most physicians learn very little if anything about breastfeeding management in medical school, and while well-meaning, are often  misinformed and not educated on the basics of lactation management, referral, and support. The pilot program will start with OBs and Pediatricians and expand to include a broader range of physicians, i.e., allergists, cardiologists, general practitioners, and family physicians.

Many (MANY) Mummies find that the Doctor's who are suppose to be there for support and information give everything BUT support and education. Best For Babes has created the MD PEER Program in honor of "the millions of moms who wanted to breastfeed and unnecessarily struggled, suffered or gave up before they intended too, full of guilt and self-blame and regret, and it was not their fault.  It is inspired by women who were robbed of a unique experience and prevented from reaping the incomparably enriching, physical, emotional and life-long health benefits of breastfeeding by a medical establishment that is still under-educated about breastfeeding."

I saw "OH YEAH!!!!!" I am all about that!

Rock on Mummies! We are ALL in this together!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Foto Friday Country

"Foto" Friday is a play on phrase for Photo Friday. I take a million pictures each week, well maybe not a million...... but A LOT! So I thought it would be nice to share my favorite picture from the week. Each Friday, I will post one picture and each "Foto" will include a small caption. Some pictures will be related to breastfeeding, while others will not. I hope you enjoy "Foto Friday!" Do you like "Foto" Friday? Well come on over to our facebook page and our Facebook Group "Mummies Nummies Group" and join in! I love seeing your "Fotos."

Today at school was Farmer Day! Pooker and her (ALL TIME FAVORITE!) cousin "Peeper" got to dress like a cowgirl and a cowboy. They are the absolute BEST friends and only 6 months apart in age. It is so sweet to watch them together! YEE HAW!

I created this scrapbook page using my My Memories Scrapbook Program. This page was a FREEBIE! Yupp!!! They have a ton of free pages and downloads you can use and keep!

My Memories is offering 10 dollars off to Mummie's Nummies readers! Click the link below and use code STMMMS4266 for your discount.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

One of THOSE days


Every child is a perfect angel. Not once do they have mental, physical or emotional breakdowns (in public.) Nope....children are the only creatures, one this planet, that have ability to not lose it......not once. To always have the best control....control beyond their years. The mental, physical, and emotional breakdowns are saved for the parents..........right?

Errrrrr......... NOT!

Ever have one of THOSE days?
How about one of THOSE shopping trips?
The kind of shopping experience that leaves you EXHAUSTED and EMBARRASSED by the time you make it to the car? 
The kind that tells you "it's gonna be a LONG day" (and it is only 11 am?)

Well earlier today I found myself shaking my head, praying to the "Angel of good behavior" to PLEASE show me some mercy! Yes, Mummies...... I had "those" children on aisle 3 (well ok.... really on EVERY aisle) that were screaming, hitting, throwing, and playing musical seats in the car cart! (I do not allow musical seats in the shopping cart.... and I promise I was doing all I could do to get them to PLEASE SIT STILL!...... But it seemed I could only do so much. Buckling them in only brought more screams.) I swear my girls are soooooo much better behaved (in public..hehe) than what they showed today. No really.... I swear! REALLY!

I tried ALL of my tricks. I promised them a cookie, from the bakery, if they were good (we get the cookie most of the time.) I tried being silly with them as they began to fight. I tickled, I sang, I played "Red light green light", went FAST and s.....l....o.....w..... I even got real close to them, spoke so low and so deep (my voice sounded more like the guy who does all of the Monster Truck Commercials) and simply said "behave." (Sounded menacing to me...... but it seemed they did not agree with me.) All I got from my Monster Truck Commercial Guy impression was: giggles, growls, raspberry spits, and "DON'T LOOK AT ME! MOMMY, KIT KAT IS LOOKING AT ME!"

There was "Don't hit me! I said NO hit! STOP IT!!!" and I had to explain (many times) that "your little sissy is hitting you because you keep hitting her. So don't hit her back...... and she should not hit you back." Then there was "MOMMY MY SHOEEEEEEEE!!!!!" "Mommy my WIPIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" "Oh COUPONS!!!!!!! I want a coupon.... no I want a coupon....hey Mommy has coupons!!!! Mommy I want your coupons!" "Are we done yet.....can I have my cookie yet?" "I want to go to Meme, no I want to go to Meme." (NO  MOMMY WANTS TO GO TO MEME! Oh FYI, Meme is the name of our Mini Van.)

I even had the mental image of me sitting cross legged on the floor, hands covering my face, and bawling like a STARVING Nummie Lover! (But I bet even that would not get the response I was wanting!) 

I am sure we have ALL been there...... Not being able to leave the store (because you actually NEEDED these items today), having to keep on "truckin' along" all the while being on your best behavior...... because no stranger can see you all frazzled. I mean we have to "save face" right?! We have to be the all put together Mummie...... even though you have your image of bawling on the floor! No one can see what you are imaging! So that is safe! hehe.

Just when you think you need to crawl back into bed, so this day can just continue without you.......... your girls (in unison) look at each other and say "Sorry we were not good at the store, Mommy" and give the most angelic faces to go with it! (OHHHHH sure NOW the "Angel of Good Behavior" shows up! Better now than never! 


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Looking back - birthday special

I truly do not know how time slips away. Where do all of the moments go? All of the seconds, minutes and hours in each day......each passing day turns into another passing month. Looking back it has the feeling of a snowball affect. Every moment tumbles into another. Every holiday photo, every milestone, every crazy surprise and every silly is all wrapped up in each and every child's face.

Today......a very special child (my special child) turns four years old. My Pooker, our first miracle baby, my Mini-Me (down to every aspect! Bless her heart she is me 100%! From her features to her attitude.....100% Mommy.) The little girl who brought us Peace, after our terrible losses (her middle name is Olivia.....which means "peace.") The little girl who faced health hardships and troopered on better than most adults would. The baby girl who wanted no one BUT her mommy,  no matter what. The little toddler who called every animal, not by it's name.......but by what sound it made. (She would fight you if you said it was a dog..... to her it was a "woof woof.") The little toddler who was afraid of everybody and anybody she did not know, could not stand to be looked at by anyone other than family. The little girl with a heart so big, she worries about ANYONE who gets hurt.... regardless if she knows them or not. (That makes watching the T.V show "WipeOut" a bit difficult!) She has turned into a little person.....and if we look closely we can catch glimpses of what she will look like when she is grown.

We have been blessed with our amazing Pooker for:

126,227,704 seconds
2,103,795.06 minutes
35,063 hours
14,601 days
48 months
and counting............

I wanted to show you what four years looks like...... 

(Happiest place on earth!)

(Shhhhhhh..... P.S. The wires are her apnea monitor.)

(Moo girl!)

(Angel in the clouds)

(Silly faces)

(Flower power)

(Sisterly LOVIN")

(The big girl!)

Happy birthday Pooker-Booker. Mommy loves you.....way more than you will ever know. You have been my life saving miracle. You are my hero, my sweet girl and (like you tell me daily......) my best friend. Happy birthday my little love!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Foto Friday

"Foto" Friday is a play on phrase for Photo Friday. I take a million pictures each week, well maybe not a million...... but A LOT! So I thought it would be nice to share my favorite picture from the week. Each Friday, I will post one picture and each "Foto" will include a small caption. Some pictures will be related to breastfeeding, while others will not. I hope you enjoy "Foto Friday!" Do you like "Foto" Friday? Well come on over to our facebook page and our Facebook Group "Mummies Nummies Group" and join in! I love seeing your "Fotos."

Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter Weekend, Mummies! 


Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Breastfed Toddler

Earlier this week I came across a pretty awesome diagram! It is no shocker (well it really should be a shocker.... but you know how "it" is) that breastfeeding past 12 months is well...... considered to be "gross, disgusting, un-natural, only for the mother's sexual benefit......blah blah blah" We have heard them ALL (and then some.) It seems that the general public (who is against breastfeeding) does not understand the HEALTH benefits breastfeeding past 12 months. So when I came across this FANTABULOUS Breastfed Toddler Diagram from The Alpha Parent..... I was IN LOVE! Not only did she FILL it with education information.... but she added such a cute Toddler Nummie Lover!

I contacted her and asked her if I could "change" it up a bit. I think every breastfeeding toddler should be the poster child for the Nummies...... but I know that can not happen. So the next best thing is to have a Nummie Lovin' girl represent all the Nummie Lovin' toddler ladies! (P.S. The Alpha Parent gave me permission!!! SQUEAL!!!)

(Thumbs up to the Nummies!) hehe.... my sweet Kit Kat!

Here is the Alpha Parent's Breastfed Toddler Diagram

Two of the cutest Breastfed Toddler Representatives!

A HUGE thanks goes out to The Alpha Parent for letting me use her idea, sharing such GREAT information about breastfeeding past one year, and for being a Mummie who makes Nummies!

P.S. I do not breastfeed Kit Kat (now currently 28 months old) for any other reason than FOR HER benefit. Breastmilk has kept her hydrated while very sick (when the same illness sent her big sister into the ER due to dehydration), breastmilk has been the calming miracle when nothing else worked, breastmilk has continued to keep her illnesses mild compared to others. There is no way (on this GREEN EARTH) that I continue to breastfed Kit Kat for my "sexual benefit" or for any other nasty or disturbing reason.

I continue to breastfeed Kit Kat because 
A. She is not ready to wean herself
B. It has not lost any of its beneficial components
C. It is not harming ANYONE in any way
and last but not least......
D. It is non of your business. :-)

So THUMBS UP to all the Mummie's who make Nummies!