Monday, April 16, 2012

Best For Babes Celeb Event

I recently got an email from Bettina Forbes, Co-Founder of Best For Babes Foundation, and I wanted to share it with you! It is no secret that I am a supporter of Best For Babes Foundation. The strides that have made, in the breastfeeding world, is amazing! From beating the "booby traps" to "The miracle isn't the bra" campaign...... Best For Babes Foundation has been an amazing help in normalizing and supporting breastfeeding. Best For Babes is the only mainstream nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of and removing the barriers (The Breastfeeding Booby Traps™) that keep millions of mothers in the U.S. from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals.
Best for Babes

So it was not a huge surprise to me that they got not one.... not two.... but THREE breastfeeding supporting (and breastfeeding "Mummies") Celebrities to help host and promote the first EVER Celeb Breastfeeding Awareness Event! Jenna Elfman, Kelly Preston and Laila Ali hosted the event on April 14, which was geared toward expecting and new celeb Mummies. This first time ever event was created to help break down the breastfeeding barriers and raise awareness to the benefits of toxic-free living in raising healthy children.

The event was presented by Leading Lady  and Ameda, two companies who have supported breastfeeding Mummies for 70 years, and of course Best For Babes! The goal is not only to raise awareness, with the Hollywood crowd, but to gain their support as well. Hollywood has been instrumental in raising awareness and bringing about change to MANY pressing health issues....think Michael J Fox and Parkinson's Disease, Bono and The Power of One, Lance Armstrong and Cancer..... the list goes on and on.

The funds raised, during the event, will be used to help develop and launch a new Best for Babes initiative, the Physician Education, Empowerment and Recognition program (MD PEER program). Modeled in part after Baby-Friendly USA, this program is being designed under the guidance of leading physicians who are members of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Breastfeeding, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Medical Association.   The MD PEER program is designed to remove one of the biggest barriers to breastfeeding:  the fact that most physicians learn very little if anything about breastfeeding management in medical school, and while well-meaning, are often  misinformed and not educated on the basics of lactation management, referral, and support. The pilot program will start with OBs and Pediatricians and expand to include a broader range of physicians, i.e., allergists, cardiologists, general practitioners, and family physicians.

Many (MANY) Mummies find that the Doctor's who are suppose to be there for support and information give everything BUT support and education. Best For Babes has created the MD PEER Program in honor of "the millions of moms who wanted to breastfeed and unnecessarily struggled, suffered or gave up before they intended too, full of guilt and self-blame and regret, and it was not their fault.  It is inspired by women who were robbed of a unique experience and prevented from reaping the incomparably enriching, physical, emotional and life-long health benefits of breastfeeding by a medical establishment that is still under-educated about breastfeeding."

I saw "OH YEAH!!!!!" I am all about that!

Rock on Mummies! We are ALL in this together!


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