Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Breastfed Toddler

Earlier this week I came across a pretty awesome diagram! It is no shocker (well it really should be a shocker.... but you know how "it" is) that breastfeeding past 12 months is well...... considered to be "gross, disgusting, un-natural, only for the mother's sexual benefit......blah blah blah" We have heard them ALL (and then some.) It seems that the general public (who is against breastfeeding) does not understand the HEALTH benefits breastfeeding past 12 months. So when I came across this FANTABULOUS Breastfed Toddler Diagram from The Alpha Parent..... I was IN LOVE! Not only did she FILL it with education information.... but she added such a cute Toddler Nummie Lover!

I contacted her and asked her if I could "change" it up a bit. I think every breastfeeding toddler should be the poster child for the Nummies...... but I know that can not happen. So the next best thing is to have a Nummie Lovin' girl represent all the Nummie Lovin' toddler ladies! (P.S. The Alpha Parent gave me permission!!! SQUEAL!!!)

(Thumbs up to the Nummies!) hehe.... my sweet Kit Kat!

Here is the Alpha Parent's Breastfed Toddler Diagram

Two of the cutest Breastfed Toddler Representatives!

A HUGE thanks goes out to The Alpha Parent for letting me use her idea, sharing such GREAT information about breastfeeding past one year, and for being a Mummie who makes Nummies!

P.S. I do not breastfeed Kit Kat (now currently 28 months old) for any other reason than FOR HER benefit. Breastmilk has kept her hydrated while very sick (when the same illness sent her big sister into the ER due to dehydration), breastmilk has been the calming miracle when nothing else worked, breastmilk has continued to keep her illnesses mild compared to others. There is no way (on this GREEN EARTH) that I continue to breastfed Kit Kat for my "sexual benefit" or for any other nasty or disturbing reason.

I continue to breastfeed Kit Kat because 
A. She is not ready to wean herself
B. It has not lost any of its beneficial components
C. It is not harming ANYONE in any way
and last but not least......
D. It is non of your business. :-)

So THUMBS UP to all the Mummie's who make Nummies!



  1. Wow. I have never heard the sexual benefit idea until today. Weird people!! P.s. I found your blog via intuitive mothering.

    1. Thanks for coming by Chelsea! So glad to see another Mummie!

  2. You are so awesome she is so healthy and happy good for you not listen to peoples ignorent bigited judgemental closeminded opoions


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