Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Looking back - birthday special

I truly do not know how time slips away. Where do all of the moments go? All of the seconds, minutes and hours in each day......each passing day turns into another passing month. Looking back it has the feeling of a snowball affect. Every moment tumbles into another. Every holiday photo, every milestone, every crazy surprise and every silly is all wrapped up in each and every child's face.

Today......a very special child (my special child) turns four years old. My Pooker, our first miracle baby, my Mini-Me (down to every aspect! Bless her heart she is me 100%! From her features to her attitude.....100% Mommy.) The little girl who brought us Peace, after our terrible losses (her middle name is Olivia.....which means "peace.") The little girl who faced health hardships and troopered on better than most adults would. The baby girl who wanted no one BUT her mommy,  no matter what. The little toddler who called every animal, not by it's name.......but by what sound it made. (She would fight you if you said it was a dog..... to her it was a "woof woof.") The little toddler who was afraid of everybody and anybody she did not know, could not stand to be looked at by anyone other than family. The little girl with a heart so big, she worries about ANYONE who gets hurt.... regardless if she knows them or not. (That makes watching the T.V show "WipeOut" a bit difficult!) She has turned into a little person.....and if we look closely we can catch glimpses of what she will look like when she is grown.

We have been blessed with our amazing Pooker for:

126,227,704 seconds
2,103,795.06 minutes
35,063 hours
14,601 days
48 months
and counting............

I wanted to show you what four years looks like...... 

(Happiest place on earth!)

(Shhhhhhh..... P.S. The wires are her apnea monitor.)

(Moo girl!)

(Angel in the clouds)

(Silly faces)

(Flower power)

(Sisterly LOVIN")

(The big girl!)

Happy birthday Pooker-Booker. Mommy loves you.....way more than you will ever know. You have been my life saving miracle. You are my hero, my sweet girl and (like you tell me daily......) my best friend. Happy birthday my little love!


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