Thursday, April 12, 2012

One of THOSE days


Every child is a perfect angel. Not once do they have mental, physical or emotional breakdowns (in public.) Nope....children are the only creatures, one this planet, that have ability to not lose it......not once. To always have the best control....control beyond their years. The mental, physical, and emotional breakdowns are saved for the parents..........right?

Errrrrr......... NOT!

Ever have one of THOSE days?
How about one of THOSE shopping trips?
The kind of shopping experience that leaves you EXHAUSTED and EMBARRASSED by the time you make it to the car? 
The kind that tells you "it's gonna be a LONG day" (and it is only 11 am?)

Well earlier today I found myself shaking my head, praying to the "Angel of good behavior" to PLEASE show me some mercy! Yes, Mummies...... I had "those" children on aisle 3 (well ok.... really on EVERY aisle) that were screaming, hitting, throwing, and playing musical seats in the car cart! (I do not allow musical seats in the shopping cart.... and I promise I was doing all I could do to get them to PLEASE SIT STILL!...... But it seemed I could only do so much. Buckling them in only brought more screams.) I swear my girls are soooooo much better behaved (in public..hehe) than what they showed today. No really.... I swear! REALLY!

I tried ALL of my tricks. I promised them a cookie, from the bakery, if they were good (we get the cookie most of the time.) I tried being silly with them as they began to fight. I tickled, I sang, I played "Red light green light", went FAST and s.....l....o.....w..... I even got real close to them, spoke so low and so deep (my voice sounded more like the guy who does all of the Monster Truck Commercials) and simply said "behave." (Sounded menacing to me...... but it seemed they did not agree with me.) All I got from my Monster Truck Commercial Guy impression was: giggles, growls, raspberry spits, and "DON'T LOOK AT ME! MOMMY, KIT KAT IS LOOKING AT ME!"

There was "Don't hit me! I said NO hit! STOP IT!!!" and I had to explain (many times) that "your little sissy is hitting you because you keep hitting her. So don't hit her back...... and she should not hit you back." Then there was "MOMMY MY SHOEEEEEEEE!!!!!" "Mommy my WIPIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" "Oh COUPONS!!!!!!! I want a coupon.... no I want a coupon....hey Mommy has coupons!!!! Mommy I want your coupons!" "Are we done yet.....can I have my cookie yet?" "I want to go to Meme, no I want to go to Meme." (NO  MOMMY WANTS TO GO TO MEME! Oh FYI, Meme is the name of our Mini Van.)

I even had the mental image of me sitting cross legged on the floor, hands covering my face, and bawling like a STARVING Nummie Lover! (But I bet even that would not get the response I was wanting!) 

I am sure we have ALL been there...... Not being able to leave the store (because you actually NEEDED these items today), having to keep on "truckin' along" all the while being on your best behavior...... because no stranger can see you all frazzled. I mean we have to "save face" right?! We have to be the all put together Mummie...... even though you have your image of bawling on the floor! No one can see what you are imaging! So that is safe! hehe.

Just when you think you need to crawl back into bed, so this day can just continue without you.......... your girls (in unison) look at each other and say "Sorry we were not good at the store, Mommy" and give the most angelic faces to go with it! (OHHHHH sure NOW the "Angel of Good Behavior" shows up! Better now than never! 



  1. Sometimes there are benefits to raising a child with a social anxiety disorder. I can honestly say in all my DD's 10 yrs, she never once did that to me. She'd beg for candy of course. But all I had to say is if she kept it up she wouldn't get any munchies for a week. That normally was enough to keep her quiet for awhile.

  2. oh yes i have those days i have 4 children aged 6,4,2 and 1 and when we go shopping its much like this lol but when they say sorry is is just the sweetest and you seem to forget about it untill...........the next shopping trip x

  3. HILARIOUS and not a lie anywhere in this article!! I have SOOOOO been there!!!!


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