Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pacis and Breastfeeding

There is a new "study" that has found pacis and breastfeeding DO mix well. It has been said (for many years) that introducing a paci (to a breastfed Nummie Lover) should happen at 3 months old. The reasoning behind this "3 month rule" was to help prevent "nipple confusion".

But a recent breastfeeding study, done at Oregon Health & Science University Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, has found the opposite to be true. In December 2010, the hospital did not introduce pacis, to newborns, in hopes to improve their breastfeeding rates. But to their SHOCK the opposite happened. Their rates of exclusive breastfed babies DROPPED when they no longer supplied pacis. Prior to their "paci lock up" their exclusive breastfed rate was 80%, but then dropped to 70% . (ROCK ON to the 80%! That is awesome!)

When we removed pacifiers from routine distribution, we weren’t seeing the improvements we had expected,” said Carrie Phillipi, an associate professor of pediatrics and medical director of the hospital’s Mother-Baby Unit.

The hospital decided to "lock up" the pacis, in compliance with The World Health Organization's "Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding". The hospital had hopes of achieving The WHO's Baby Friendly Hospital Status....as you have to follow all 10 steps in order to achieve the status. Although, The WHO's no paci policy was implemented back in 1991 and at that time evidence had shown that paci use had lowered breastfeeding rates.

It seems now......that policy is, once again, up for debate. For us, pacis SAVED my breastfeeding journey with Pooker. She was born without the ability to suck, latch or even open her mouth wide enough. In the first days of her life, we taught her how to do all of those things with the use of a paci. Kit Kat knew how to latch and suck from minute 1... so pacis were also fine with her...... HOWEVER she was a picky paci person! We had to find just the right one for her.

It is super interesting, to me, that studies/research/experiments change what we once thought was accurate. That new studies/research/experiments de-bunk what previous studies/research/experiments have found. Just goes to show that you just never know.

What about you, Mummie? What have you found to happen with pacis and your Nummie Lovers?



  1. We are ALL about pacis in our family....in fact, they are called nummie suckers. Our first was attached to hers. Our second loved his until 6 months when he decided to stop using them. Our third has not been a big paci user no matter how many I try or how often I try....but that's OK too. I believe that paci's help in SIDS prevention too.

  2. I gave them to Wyatt from day 1. But honestly he kept spitting them out. I tried for awhile but eventually like all Paci's they disappeared and I gave up. They didn't seem to hurt or help our bfing though.

  3. Addie now 4 mos. Loved the soothie that hospital provided. The lactaion consultaant recomended wider binky for her bc she had a "tunnel" suck and wasn't latching deeply anyway I freaked out a limited her binky usage to only the nuk brand. She didn't like it so much and now she hasn't a way to calm her down those last 5 minutes in the car when she's ready to nurse. Ugh so tonight I busted out the soothie for th first time since birth there she goes sucking like its going outta style. I should have just let her have what she preffered when she wanted it. Bc my first had binky from day one and no problems there. Ehh gotta just roll with it I guess.


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