Monday, June 4, 2012

Confessions of a breastfeeding Mummie

We all have them. Some of them we have openly admitted to. Others we keep to ourselves, either due to possible embarrassment, judgment, or simply for the fact of "I will NEVER tell another living soul (over the age of speaking) what I just did!" Well......I am going to break that silence! Yupp.... I am going to jump off of the deep end and see if I can float! I am going to spill the pumped Nummies and see where it falls! I am willing to accept what ever comes with what I am about to share. After all...... I can't be the ONLY one who has done the following (I hope...). Yes.......... I am going to share with you my "Confessions of a Breastfeeding Mummie!"

Confession 1: I have drank my own Nummies. Yupp.... have done it MANY times and I LOVE it! Actually, everyone in my house has tried it and enjoys the flavor. (yupp.... EVERYONE!) Although I prefer fresh and warm.... I have been known to drink some cold Nummies.  

Confession 2: (This is a new confession..) The other night, while I was taking a Mummie bathy, I got a bit bored. So I decided to see what breastmilk looked like in the water. Yupp...... I leaned over the water, submerged the Nummie Makers and hand expressed into the tub water. If you have not yet tried that... I HIGHLY suggest it! It is AWESOME!  Looks like floating, white ribbons. I was pretty mesmerized by the stream of Nummies floating into beautiful ribbons into the water. Kind of reminded me of The Aurora Borealis (minus all the colors.)

Confession 3: I have (many times) seen how far I can get my streams to go and how many streams I can get at once! I guess it is similar to a men's pissin' contest...... we should have a women's streaming contest! (Not comparing breastmilk to pee...... they are WAY different.)

Confession 4: I have day dreamed about whipping my Nummie Makers out and spraying someone, in retaliation. A few times I have in visioned double spraying someone........But that only happens when I am really irritated. Come on..... picture it: A family member or friend gets into with you, over ANYTHING, and you are ready to end the irritation. A vision pops into your head of "whipping" out your Nummie Makers and chasing this person down the hallway all the while spraying them like a fire hose, yelling "WAHOOOOOO COWBOY! How do you like those apples?!" The thought of them screaming and running away is a great one! 

Confession 5: I have recently found the AWESOMENESS of going bra free! I never liked the feeling before (perhaps due to my sensitive nips that would LEAK at any given movement)  but now.......... if i am at home...... I am FREE FALLIN'! (My husband is a fan of this new confession....)

Confession 6: I was not a fan of nursing bras. At first I LOVED them.... as it was like a badge of honor for me. "Look I am wearing a nursing bra! I am a breastfeeding Mummie!" But then I got so sick of them.... that I threw them all away and went to "normal bras." 

Confession 7: I never had the best self confidence in myself. It stems from a negative childhood and being put down most of my childhood. But when I finally got the hang of breastfeeding (and NIP'ed for the first time) I felt my shoulders push back, and my head was held a bit higher. I felt like a super hero. I was nourishing my child, on my own, and I was doing a great job. Every time I looked at Pooker (my oldest) I thought "I gave her those extra ounces, she is gaining weight because of me." When Kit Kat came along, I was so proud of myself and felt as though I could do ANYTHING! The self confidence I have gotten from breastfeeding is one of the most amazing impacts breastfeeding has given me. 

Confession 8: I MISS MY BIG BOOBIES! I do!!!! I really do!!!!!!! I have never been a big boobi'ed girl, but when my milk came in...... HOLY BREAST IMPLANTS! I filled out tops like never before, they bounced, jiggled and wiggled!! (Jello Jigglers were jealous!) I actually bought a bathing suit that was "made" for bigger boobies. My reasoning was "if you got them........" I even told my husband that I would nurse forever, if I could keep them! But sadly........ when a nummie Lover begins to wean...... so does the size of the gems. Now that awesome bathing suit is a little big and I no longer "fill" it out the way I did a year heart sank a bit.

Confession 9: I LOVED the fact that I could "disappear" from family functions and nurse my girls. Sometimes big crowds make me feel WAY small.... and the "excuse" to get away to a quiet room was AWESOME! "Oh hey.... where did Jacky go?" "Hummmmm I don't know." "I think she is feeding the baby." "Oh... does it really take THAT long?" NOPE!!!!!!!!! Hehe.

Confession 10: I had thoughts of quitting early on. When the struggles became too large, I wanted to throw the burb cloth in. I was ready to wave the white flag MANY times. But with the support of my husband and my (at times much needed) stubbornness...... I kept my white flag hidden. But the feeling of helplessness and tears where there.....

Confession 11: Reading SO many stories of being harassed, while nursing, had me HOPING I would come across some single minded, jack @$$ that thought I needed to hear their feelings about how I should raise my children. I am not a confrontational person, and to be honest I typically "clam up" when my emotions get the better of me. But I had a TON of "ready to go" comments... and I have YET to use any of them! 

Confession 12: I was not able to meet my breastfeeding goal with Pooker, so when I created my breastfeeding goal with Kit Kat, I wanted to make up for that. I was one month shy of my goal with Pooker and I felt I had jipped her. I know now that one month longer was not much (in the whole grand scheme) but at the time I was DEVASTATED. 

Confession 13: There a lot more Mummie confessions.... but to be honest...... Pooker is yelling at me to "Get of the computer!!!" and Kit Kat is screaming "I WANT SOMETHING TO EAT!" So my last confession...... I do not run my home...... my girls do! Gotta go serve the Queens.

What are YOUR confessions?



  1. 1. My husband has "nursed" to help relieve my plugged ducts. (His latch was terrible BTW!)
    2. I used donated breast milk from a friend to make oatmeal for my nummie lover when I was only able to make enough for nursing.
    3. I'm thrilled that my 14 mo old is asking (begging!) to nurse, regardless of location.
    4. I'm nursing while pregnant.
    5. I have exceeded my initial breastfeeding goal (12 mo).

  2. #1 - me too, never cold though!
    #2 - Yep, I've done that
    #3 & #4 - Yes! I have succeeded in hitting my husband & the dog! It was all in fun, though!
    #5 - Yep
    #6 - Yep
    #7 - YES!!!
    #8 - I do not miss mine! I liked my size just fine before!
    #9 - love love love sneaking away!
    #10 - I think it was a daily struggle until 6 months! I set weekly goals to help it not seem so overwhelming (thinking an entire year out is scary to a new mom!)
    #11 - yep
    #12 - I've exceeded my 12 month "goal!" The 21st of this month will mark 15 months for us! I did have to supplement some when I returned to work (at 3 months), but it was never more than 10-12oz and only M-Thr each week.

    Breastfeeding was the best decision ever! :)


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